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This article shares a complete detail on the reason behind the slogan Wewontgo Back com and more detail about the protest.      

Are you aware of the recent protest on abolishing abortion rights? Do you know the reason behind people’s protests? If not, this is what you need to know about the protest. The people of the United States are protesting against the Supreme Court. As a result, there has been huge chaos in front of the Court.

So today, in this article, we will cover every detail about the protest against abolishing abortion rights and further detail on the slogan Wewontgo Back com. Read the blog below.

Details on the protest against abolishing abortion rights:

Chaos among the public was seen after the Supreme Court decision came in favour of abolishing abortion rights. The public is filled with rage and protesting in front of the Court to take the decision back, which has been taken in favour of abolishing the abortion right. Public claims that the government can change any law by just appealing to the Supreme Court.

The protest incident has become the most viral news on the internet today. People are continuously sharing this news on the social platform. As per the report, people are against the Supreme Court decision and are protesting with the slogan Wewontgo Back com. And this is not a website. It’s a slogan.  

Details on Roe V. Wade Law:

The rage of the protest is increasing with time as they seek to change the decision taken by Supreme Court on abolishing the abortion right. As per Roe Wade’s rule, the right to abortion is a fundamental right of a citizen, and they can seek to whenever they feel to do so; many other human rights are based on this rule. But the latest decision of the Supreme Court turns it down. The public is seen protesting against the decision with slogans Wewontgo Back com, and ‘my body is my choice’. 

But the Supreme Court’s recent decision has led to changes in the fundamental right to abortion and overturned Roe Wade’s rule. Bypassing and order in the Court. While the protest continues, people are trying their best to turn back the supreme Court’s decision on abolishing abortion rights. It is important to see how far the protest continues and whether the protest becomes successful or not.

The protest news is trending on social media with the hashtag to show their disappointment against the Supreme Court’s decision, which has turned down Roe Wade’s rule.

The Trending Slogan Wewontgo Back com:

People are quite disappointed about abolishing abortion rights. The protest against the Supreme Court decision continued in front of the Court with the slogan ‘we won’t go back. The protest has crossed the boundaries and is trending on the social platform. The protest against the decision has also started on social media to express dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court decision.

Summing up:

People are quite dissatisfied with the Supreme Court’s decision to abolish the abortion right. This article provides details, and to know more about the protest against the supreme court decision, click on this link.

This article share complete detail on the reason behind the slogan Wewontgo Back com.

Are you aware of the protest on abolishing abortion rights? Comment your views.

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