Werwis Reviews {Oct 2022} Do You Know If It Is Legit Site?

This post on Werwis Reviews will guide our readers about the product provided on this site. Kindly go through this post to get all the update.

Do you like electronic Items? Do you want 1080 HD Mini wireless cameras? Are you looking for the site which provides all the electronics items at home? If you want some electronic-related Items, you must explore the Werwis website in the United States. You can shop for such amazing electronic items from there.

This post on Werwis Reviews will provide all the information, like the legitimacy and characteristics of the Werwis website. Please spend some time getting more information about Werwis.

Overview on Werwis

Werwis is an Online website that offers all electronic items low. Anyone can order their product easily from this site as it offers every item at a low price, so one could easily purchase without getting worried about the money and it is easy to order items from this site.

Werwis sold many items like:

  • Mini voice activated recorder
  • Wi-Fi USB wall charger
  • Smart fingerprint lock
  • Voice-activated recorder
  • Mini HD camera

Is Werwis Legit? This website has provided many electronic items such as cameras, charger, fingerprint sensor or many such items. But one should know whether this site provides a legit deal to its   customers or not? This site is new. Even the domain was created four months ago. One cannot judge this site as a scammer. So one should be careful enough from the scammers or the scam sellers. To know more details about this site, kindly read all the updates mentioned below.

Features of Werwis

  • Buy 1080 HD Mini wireless camera from https://werwis.com/
  • Email address: Contact@werwis.com
  • Contact number: +1 201 801 6205
  • Address: 312 West 34th Street, New York, New York 10001, United States
  • Werwis Reviews has not shown any interest according to the online rating. We have not found any customer reviews online or on the official site.
  • Return Policy: Any item can be returned within one month after purchase. There is no return charge.
  • Shipping Policy: The order is shipped within 3 working days.
  • Payment modes: VISA, stripe, master card, American express, apple pay, etc.

Positive Highlights

  • Contact number, email, and address are found.
  • HTTPS is followed by this website. 

Negative Highlights

  • No account has been founded on social media.
  • The review is not founded on online sites.
  • The Owner’s details have not been founded.

Is Werwis Legit?

Werwis website is an American site that provides various electronic items. It is a type of public store which provide hidden cameras, GPS tracker, voice recorder counter surveillance, dash cameras and many such items. They have provided many policies like return, cancellation, and shipping, which seems to be genuine, but one should know whether it is legit or not so that one can protect themselves from scam.

Please read this information to know is it legit?

  • Registration Date: 15-01-2022, Registration date is January 2022, so we can hardly trust this site.
  • Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC
  • Customer Review: We have not found Werwis Reviews on its official site and online.
  • Trust Score: The trust score of the Werwis website is only 2%. So, we can say that this site has a poor trust rate.
  • Social Account: No account has been founded on social media like Facebook, instagram etc.
  • All the policies are genuine, like shipping, return, cancellation, etc. So, one could easily trust these policies.
  • Missed Data: ThOwner’s details are missing.
  • Founded Details: Contact number, email, and address.
  • Data security: This site has assured data security through HTTPS protocol, which helps to transfer data safely.

Werwis Reviews

Werwis has provided all the information like email, contact number, and address. Only the details of the Owner are missing. This site does not show any good reviews on the online site, and we have not found any reviews on its official site also. The online accounts are also not found on an online platform for this site. The rank is also not good as there is traffic on this site, according to Alexa. The customers should check details on credit card scamming here. 


Summing up this post, we have shared all the information regarding Werwis Reviews. As per the trust score and short life expectancy, it could hardly be trustable. It seems to be a scam. The customers should check the details on PayPal Scamming here.

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