Wellness Living Dance Studio Software Review

Gain insights into your clients by building out a client profile that highlights their classes, events, purchases and more. Reach out via email, text messages and push notifications.

Wellnessliving dance studio software makes it simple and cost-effective to generate revenue reports and stay in tune with your business. Get acquainted with its features – schedule your free, no-commitment demo today!


Make booking appointments, classes and packages online easy for clients from any device – our client portal is user-friendly and fully customizable to reflect your branding – providing them with an enjoyable booking experience that they’ll find easy to manage. They will receive confirmation and reminder notifications while also having the power to reschedule or cancel them as required.

Utilize our dance studio management software system to manage instructors, with features like performance reviews, scheduling, and payroll built into the software system. Give each staff member their own login while keeping all other information for your business secure and private.

Maintain client engagement through a transformation log that allows clients to store photos, body measurements and other customized fields. Attract new prospects and convert them with various memberships, passes or payment options available – including our partnership with Google which enables ClassPass listing without leaving the BMS!

Client Management

Studio management systems provide tools that streamline everyday operations so you can focus on providing students with an unforgettable experience. A studio management system helps organize class scheduling, power payment processing and automate other aspects of your dance studio business – so that you can run an efficient dance business and spend more time in the studio with students.

Modern software provides features to assist with managing client profiles, including contact information, recent attendance activity, active passes/memberships and any associated waivers or contracts. This makes it easier to quickly identify and communicate with clients.

Many systems feature rewards programs that award customers for booking, referring, sharing on social media, purchasing merchandise and more. Clients can redeem these points for discounts, free classes or custom prizes; and the best customer support tools will connect customers with real people by phone during business hours as well as provide email or chat options outside this window; additionally they’re proactive about responding to client needs while improving software systems.

Online Store

WellnessLiving’s online store makes selling merchandise such as workout clothes, water bottles and t-shirts easy for customers to access via website, mobile app or in person at the studio. Payment options offered by WellnessLiving include credit card processing as well as recurring billing options for more flexible purchasing solutions.

WellnessLiving’s staff management and point-of-sale system offers business owners everything they need to optimize studio efficiency. Employees and clients can communicate using built-in email, SMS and push notifications while WellnessLiving assists owners in managing schedules and bookings with automated reminders that help reduce no-shows.

Elevate is a staff app designed to make it simple for employees to track their schedules and book classes from their smartphones or tablets. WellnessLiving’s video library and learning management system assist instructors in sharing new material with students while WellnessLiving allows businesses to promote themselves on Google Search and Maps to attract new clients.


WellnessLiving dance studio software includes comprehensive client management capabilities as well as multiple marketing tools designed to attract new patrons while keeping old ones enthusiastic about your studio. These include tools to generate reviews, promote events and workshops, send targeted emails to clients and generate reviews.

Front desk staff can use this platform to simplify check-in and payment processes for clients by setting up recurring monthly memberships that allow family members to share access. Furthermore, it tracks client attendance as well as purchase data for reporting purposes.

Wellnessliving dance studio software features an easy-to-use interface, making booking classes and appointments from mobile devices effortless for customers. In addition, its comprehensive reporting features enable businesses to track important metrics, such as client attendance, sales trends and marketing performance. Furthermore, Wellnessliving can handle data migration from MINDBODY while offering free customer support via email, phone and an online knowledge base.

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