Walmart Pot Scam: What Coffee and Pan Set Details are Going Viral? Check Details Here Now!

Walmart Pot Scam write-up has shared a report on a pot glitch scam trending on some social media sites.

Are you aware of type of Walmart scam that targets online retail marketplace shoppers? Have you been the victim of any Walmart scam? Scammers generally target customers of well-known companies that have diverse customer bases and loyal customers. Walmart tops the list of scammers, and customers have complained of various scams at different times.

A Tiktok video with the “Walmart pot and pan scam” title has attracted the attention of many shoppers in the United States. Walmart Pot Scam is an attempt to make online shoppers aware of Walmart scams and share some solutions for them. 

Disclaimer: The post content is based on an internet investigation and has shared details for online shoppers. We do not intend to tarnish or malign the image of the subject mentioned in the post.

What are Walmart Scams?

Walmart scams are an attempt by scammers and phishing websites to target this retail marketplace’s loyal customer base. In most cases, scammers try to get shoppers’ personal details by sharing the fake link of Walmart. Around 230 million shopper visit stores per week in addition to online visitors coming on its platform, making it a lucrative target for cybercriminals. Some of the regularly occurring Walmart scams are listed below.

  • Walmart Delivery Scam
  • Walmart Online Survey Scam
  • Walmart Prizes Scam
  • Walmart Gift card scam 

Is Walmart Pot and Pan Set Scam Real?

Some of the Walmart scams mentioned in the previous section are done on a large scale by scammers. Two posts related to the pot scam are mentioned on social media. A Facebook post shared on 15th December 2017 states that Walmart Canada didn’t deliver them a pot that was selling at a discounted price. 

The shoppers’ order was canceled, and the same pot was later made available at regular prices. A reddit user shared a post one year stating that he received a gift mail from Walmart promising “Ninja Cooking System”. These two incidents of pot scams are available in digital space. 

Walmart Coffee Pot Glitch Video Reviews:

Walmart Pots video has gone viral on social media site Tiktok. The Tiktok creator has posted this video on many channels of the streaming site, and most videos have generated more than a million views. Some videos posted in the last few days have gained more than 30 million views. The title of most videos suggests that it is related to the “pot glitch” that happened with a product purchased at Walmart.  

The exact content of the pot scam video on Tiktok is not known, as this social site is not accessible in some countries. 

Is Walmart Pot and Pan Set a Scam or Glitch?

The pot scam at Walmart is a little different from the regular scam that happened with this retail company. The scam mentioned in the Facebook post is seller-induced malpractice to deprive customers of promotional benefits. The pot glitch scam that is getting viral on Tiktok appears to be a manufacturing defect in a product. Also, learn safety tips against Credit Card scams

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Omg guys I won a Ninja Cooking System from Walmart! (but to be real, its an obvious scam. Walmart does not give out things for free.)
byu/YeedleWeee inScams

Final verdict:

The videos related to the pot glitch scam have gone viral on social sites like Tiktok, but the exact content of the clip is not accessible in some countries. Online shoppers searching for PayPal scam video can click here.

Have you experienced any scams related to Walmart retail? Please comment.

Walmart Pot Scam: FAQs

Q.1   Who is the target of scammers in Walmart scam?

Walmart regular shoppers are the target of phishing websites and scammers.

Q.2   Which keyword related to pot scam is trending on Tiktok?

The pot scam keywords that are trending on Tiktok are #walmartsale2023, #cookware, #walmartsale and #walmart

Q.3   How are scammers trying to target customers in a “pot scam”?

Scammers target Walmart customers with a message that the retailer is going for a pot clearance sale. 

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