Vtsips Reviews {March 2022} Read – Check Is It Scam Site?

Vtsips Online Website Reviews

In the above article, Vtsips Reviews, we have mentioned an online platform that deals with the stuff related to the house.

Are you looking for an online platform where you can buy a variety of fancy stuffy from your house? If yes, then today’s article will be helpful for you. In this article, we will be discussing a website whose name is Vtsips and has a lovely variety of products for your house. It deals with many items like electronic devices, furniture, etc.

With the help of this e-commerce platform, you can go shopping worldwide, including in many major countries like United States. In this article, Vtsips Reviews, we will be discussing many things about Vtsips.

What is Vtsips?

Vtsips is among those websites which provide many products for several uses. The significant products available on Vtsips are electronic products, furniture stuff, toys and games, and things related to the outdoor and sports. Moreover, this website has the facility of sorting and filtering so that customers do not face any difficulty finding the product of their choice among so much variety.

The website interface seems to be designed through experts as it is beautiful and sorted. After discussing what is Vtsips now in the upcoming article, we will discuss that Is Vtsips Legit.

Specifications of Vtsips

  • Domain Age – The date of launching of Vtsips is 05/05/2021.
  • Company Address – The address of the company is mentioned on the site.
  • Contact Number – The contact support is also not provided on the site.
  • Email Address – The email address provided by the site is shopserviceonline487@gmail.com 
  • Website Link – The link for the website is http://vtsips.com  
  • Products Available – Electronic devices, furniture, outdoor stuff, and toys and games are available.
  • Social Media Connections – This site is not connected to social media pages.
  • Newsletter – The website provides the newsletter.
  • Shipping Policy – Within 8 to 9 business days.
  • Refund and Return Policy – If the product is damaged, a full refund is made.
  • Customer Reviews – There are no shoppers Vtsips Reviews available on the site.
  • Payment Methods – Payment methods available are- Google Pay, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal, V-Card.
  • Interface – The interface is attractive.

 Advantages of Vtsips

  • The user interface is beautiful, attracting the customers and giving the website fame.
  • Policies are mentioned in a pretty well manner.
  • The methods of payment that the website adopts are significant in number.
  • The sorting of products has been done in a lovely manner.
  • The products available on this website are pretty attractive.

Disadvantages of Vtsips

  • Vtsips has a horrible rank and Score.
  • This website has no connections with social media.
  • The content quality of Vtsips is plagiarised.
  • There are no customer reviews available on the site or the verified portal.

Is Vtsips Legit?

  • Domain Age: The domain age of Vtsips is 05/05/2021.
  • Domain expiration Date: The expiration date of this site is 05/05/2022.
  • Content Quality: The content is maximum plagiarised.
  • Policies: The policies are given in a pretty well manner.
  • Owner Information: The owner information is not provided but includes the designer’s name.
  • Social Media Connections: This site is not connected to any social media platform.
  • Discounts: Products are available at reduced prices.
  • Address Originality: The address is not given on the website.
  • Trust Rank: 1% is the trust rank of Vtsips.
  • Trust Score: 1.50/100 is the trust score of the website.

Hence the legitimacy of Vtsips is suspicious. This site is dubious based on research done by us.

Customer Vtsips Reviews  

All know from the above article that Vtsips provides various kinds of products for our house. But still, it is not proved that this website is legit. There are no customer reviews of Vtsips, neither on-site nor on a trusted portal. So, we suggest that before buying any product from this site, do all the needful research. This website’s trust rank and Score are also deficient, making it dubious.

You can also check how to keep your money safe from PayPal fraud. If you want to purchase any product from Vtsips and want to check Vtsips Reviews, then you can consider the article above. 


Vtsips is a website that has several products like electronic, outdoor furniture, games, and toys stuff for kids. Vtsips is legit or a scam. This question is still there as it has no customer reviews; moreover, its ranks are inferior. So, after all the research, we consider this site suspicious and suggest you all purchase from this site after proper research.

You can also check about electronic devices.

You can also know how to keep your money safe from Credit Card fraud. Please read this article Vtsips Reviews and let us know your views on this site in the comment section.

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  1. So you think this site is a scam. I was just fixing to look and see they have nice stuff on Facebook. I don’t want to mess with them if it’s not legit. Could you tell me more information about this site being fake or real.

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