Vs Lavender Fnf (Aug 2021) Know The Interesting Game!

In this write-up, we have talked about the newly added Vs Lavender Fnf mod, which you can play at free of cost.

Is playing online games your passion? Is it true that you are prepared to play a final Friday Night Funkin fight? FNF versus Lavender is another expansion to FNF Mods. New rivals are sitting tight for you in this Friday Night Funkin Mod.

In this news account, we have discussed the playability of Vs Lavender Fnf mod which is acceptable by gamers worldwide, including the United States, albeit amazingly troublesome in the last stages. So, please read this article without further ado and know about this interesting game. 

About Vs Lavender

A new MOD for FNF incorporates another seven days of a genuinely top-notch wherein we will confront Lavender, a somewhat well disposed of a young lady who has lost her companion. This MOD incorporates another foundation and three unique adaptations of Lav’s skin. In any case, this is not the most striking thing in the tasteful perspective, since Vs Lavender Fnf has excellent cinematics that, joined by the discoursed, recount to us the tale of the personality of the MOD. If you beat the three tunes, you can meet Lav’s companion and partake in a last artistic that is without a doubt the best of all.

Some Features Of Vs Lavender

  • New Whole Week: With the new mod, you will get a full week available. 
  • New Songs: This mod also contains three new songs. In these songs, gamers can enjoy different styles of the opponent. 
  • New Opponent: Gamers will get a new opponent, and it is no other than the Lavender itself. Please read on to know more about Vs Lavender Fnf.
  • New Visuals: This mod comes with brand new and stunning visuals, which are very attractive and make the mod more interesting.
  • New Dialogues: We will get to see new dialogues as well. 
  • New Background: The new version comes with a whole new and better background. The quality of the background is pretty good. It is different from others and looks much better.
  • New Cinematics: New and improved cinematics is one of the best features of the mod. It makes the experience great for gamers. It is what matters in a game when we play it. 

Soundtracks Available On Vs Lavender Fnf

There are a total of six soundtracks available. Three of them are newly added. The rest of them are digitally restored. The tracks are Nature, Tempting, and Deam Natura. 

Story Of The Mod

On a cold day of January in Ontario, which is located in Canada, you and your Girlfriend are just about done touring when a young lady named Lav approaches you searching for her dearest companion. You guaranteed Lav you would assist her with discovering her companion after a rapping battle.

The Final Thoughts

The new mod comes with some great features that will attract gamers very much. For example, anyone can play Vs Lavender Fnf on your web browsers for free of cost. You can visit the official website of Friday Night Funkin and play it. In this regard, you should also read How Gamers detect robux generator is fake

Please share your views about this mod in the comments section below. 

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