Volker Luke Chase {August 2022} How Did His Lover Die?

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Do you like models? Do you want to know about some unique models? In that context, you should know about Luke Volker. Luke Volker is a famous model, and you can follow him as unique model.

 Do you follow him on social networks like Instagram? He will be available on his Instagram account as Volker Luke Chase and followed by many people in countries like the United Kingdomthe United States, etc. Have you listened to recent news about him?

Who is Volker Luke?

He is a model who resides in New York. He has done many projects, as per model.com. His physical appearance is unique, with a 187-centimeter height and dark blonde hair.

He has done some recent work in the production of Jo DiNozzi and Darien DeMaria, which was called A Sketch Of New York. For the last two years, he has also spent time in California and Cape Town.

Volker Luke Chase:

As additional information about Volker Luke, he had a girlfriend, Charlbi; unfortunately, she died on Monday, August the 29th. He has a profile on IMDb, although it is not well-liked and contains no cinematic credits. But upon the passing of his girlfriend, he was given 11 screen credits. So perhaps how he got that was through her lover’s passing.

Volker Luke’s relationship with his girlfriend, Charlbi Dean Kriek: 

Volker Luke and Charlbi have been in a relationship since 2020. Charlie had just finished his latest movie, A Triangle of Sadness, a dark comedy film directed by a famous director. Ruben Stlund is a Swedish filmmaker.

 Per Instagram account Volker Luke Chase of Volker, they appeared together in their native Cape Town in South Africa and began their relationship in 2018.

Who is Charlbi Dean Kriek:

Charlbi began his modelling career at the very early age of 6. Then she signed her assignment with Alfa Model Management at the age of 12. She had also signed with IMG, a model agency in New York, and also with a vision agency in Los Angeles. She was a South African actor and model.

Charlbi and Luke Volker became engaged in February 2022, as per an Instagram post by Luke Volker. She passed away from a sudden illness in New York City, which was unexpected.

Volker Luke Chase’s Instagram post:

As per the Instagram post of Luke Volker after the death of his girlfriend, he posted a tribute post and wrote about his recent movie triangle of sadness.

After that post, he immediately earned 11 screen credits because he got so many condolence messages and well wishes on his girlfriend’s death.


Finally, we can say that Charlbi made her boyfriend Luke Volker proud after her passing because he amassed such a large fan base and became so well-known as a result of her passing. Overall, his girlfriend’s passing increased his notoriety. To know more about Luke Volker you can visit

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