Videogamecx Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This A Scam Website?

This article contains legit Videogamecx Reviews about the portal that offers video games and related accessories.  

These days video games have gained good popularity in the e-market as most people are attracted to virtual games regardless of their age. In the United States, the latest game like Playstation, Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo has become the most selling items. Moreover, today we’ll be telling you about the ecommerce website named Videogamecx. The site claims to offer exclusive games at the best competent prices.

Let’s go through these Videogamecx Reviews to know more about the website’s reliability.

What is Videogamecx?

According to the expert’s research, Videogamecx is an international video game selling store that offers the latest games. The website was registered recently on the internet and claimed to offer exclusive games and consoles on it. Along with that, you won’t find such low prices over the entire internet as Videogamecxis provides up to 70% off on its best-selling products.

However, the store holds only high-brand items on it, such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo etc., and it also has strategies to attract the United States crowd. 

Despite the advantages, there are many shortcomings we have noticed on the e-store such as low-quality description, impractical prices and limited products. Thus, it raises many questions in our heads, such as Is Videogamecx Legit?

What are the features of Videogamecx?

  • Website URL-
  • Products- video games, consoles etc. 
  • Support service mail–
  • Contact details– 1026 West Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
  • Shipping period- not found 
  • Shipping cost- Free Shipping Worldwide 
  • Return period- not mentioned 
  • Refund policy- 30-day money back guarantee
  • Social media connection- not found 
  • Payment options- VISA, PayPal, MasterCard, and DISCOVER
  • Domain creation date- 23/11/2021

It is suggested to read the customers’ Videogamecx Reviews before making this e-store your final shopping destination. 

What are the pros of ordering from this website?

  • The website is SSL encrypted.
  • It provides 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Under the Black Friday sale, the site offers 70% off. 

What are the cons of ordering from this website?

  • Useful details such as contact number, policies and owner’s information are missing from the website.
  • There are no customer feedbacks available on the webpage.
  • The site has not disclosed anything from the shipping cost to the refund policy.
  • The website contains limited products.
  • The site is freshly founded.

Is Videogamecx Legit?

Under this heading, you will get clarification for all your doubts related to the website’s authenticity. Nowadays, people should do end-to-end research before placing their orders on any online portal to avoid online scams. 

We have introduced some legitimacy judgment criteria to help the readers in their research. Kindly consider the below points.

  • Website domain registration date- The web site’s domain is only a week old, as it was verified on 23/11/2021.
  • Domain expiration date- the domain name expiration date is 23/11/2022.
  • Alexa rank- the Alexa rank of the site is low that is 3630705.
  • Shopper’s comments- We regret to say that the website does not contain any Videogamecx Reviews
  • Trust score- we are highly disappointed with the site’s index score, gaining 1%.
  • Content quality- On the official portal, only limited information is available, and the published content is not original.  
  • Trust rank- the site’s index rank found unsatisfactory that is 1.1/100.
  • Address originality- the mentioned location is relatively invalid. 
  • Owner’s information- there is no clue of the owner’s details on the authorized portal. 
  • Unrealistic offers- the provided money-saving offers and products prices are unrealistic. 
  • Social media icons- the site is not presented on any social media portals; hence no social media links are found.

What are the users’ Videogamecx Reviews?

In search of the genuine shopper’s reviews, we have evaluated every parameter, and have received negative customer remarks from the external links where shoppers have posted that the website seems like a scam and they have also started the refund process. 

Thus, it’s better to stay away from this portal as the site has received negative customer reviews from the users. Moreover, if you are thinking of backing off and applying for a refund through PayPal, then click here.


Summing up these Videogamecx Reviews, this online game  selling website hasn’t qualified the legitimacy judgment criteria. Thus, the site comes under the suspicious category. It is suggested to wait until and unless you will get any reliable proof against this website. 

If you have placed your order and want to get your money back through a credit card, read here. Do you have anything to say about this website? Kindly share your thoughts below.

18 thoughts on “Videogamecx Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This A Scam Website?”

  1. I started the dispute process, guaranteed refund from Paypal, but the sender just created a shipping label. No confirmation email, not even a response email. I started the dispute immediately after purchasing. Hoping it’s legit, if not I’m good. I may be the only person who fell for it tbh. But this could be a diversion tactic. I pray it’s legit tho I want the halo series x edition.

    • Hello Felix Vargas, Thanks for the update. The tricks they use are out of the imagination. So, buyers, be sure to make transactions safely. Please keep updating, so other buyers will be aware and secure. Hope you receive your order. Thanks & Regards. Take care.

      • You can tell its a scam. On the page they have one of those lines thats like “Only 6 left! Buy now!” But when you refresh the page the number changes anywhere from 1 to 20 completely randomly. I feel like that alone is enough to tell its a scam

    • Hello C.K., Thanks for the update. Buyers, be careful both the sites are the same. So, scammers are ready to cheat from these portals. They earn, disappear and come back with new sites. Always check the portals twice and make sure they are real. Be cautious. Thanks.

  2. I did not buy anything from this site but in doing some research upon discovery, there are MULTIPLE sites with the last letter in the URL changed. They all look identical with the same address info. In searching the address there is no game shop or warehouse.. it looks like a paint store.


    The variation of the site I found was

    • Hello Aleina, Thanks for the valuable information. This will help the individuals to check the details and stay away from them. Your guidance will be needful to them. These are the ways they scam and earn money easily. So, buyers, please be careful and alert. Thanks. Take care.

  3. I ordered a Nintendo Switch from this site for my little girl for Christmas and we never got it. I’m incredibly pissed off as now my daughter got nothing for Christmas and I can’t afford to buy her a replacement. There is no way to contact thwm as the email provided on their website just bounces back and there is no phone number. This has ruined my daughter’s Christmas this year.

  4. ****W A R N I N G!!!****

    THIS WEBSITE IS FRAUD!!! Do not buy from them. I am disputing a $190 charge from them and should get a credit from my CC company. The “About Us” tab does not work, the customer svc email is fake, and they make you purchase through paypal… no other option. As others have said here, a shipping label was created but I contacted the shipping company (International Bluebird) and they said that they don’t ship for this website. The seller only purchases shipping labels from them and then is responsible for shipping themselves.

  5. I ordered it they gave me fake tracking number luckily I figured out thru USPS they sent a package to different address then I contacted PayPal and got my money back lesson learned if it’s to good to be true it’s probably a scam do not buy anything on this website


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