Victoria Valentine Linkedin: Explore Her Wikipedia Details Along With Salary, Marriage

The article on Victoria Valentine LinkedIn is informative about a Television news presenter.

Who is Victoria Valentine? Why is Victoria Valentine trending on the internet? Is Victoria on LinkedIn? Let us read all the details about Victoria Valentine LinkedIn provided in this article. People from the United Kingdom and other countries would like to know the presence of Victoria on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. 

LinkedIn Details About Victoria Valentine

As per the proper research conducted on LinkedIn, we were still looking for the official account of Victoria Valentine. Victoria is a famous Author and Journalist in the United Kingdom. She has been working as a Television presenter and senior broadcast journalist at BBC. Many know her from the BBC Breakfast show, which is aired worldwide. She works at the London headquarters of BBC.

Disclaimer: There were many accounts on LinkedIn named Victoria Valentine, but an official version of Victoria Valentine (formerly known as Victoria Fritz) was not found. 

Details on Wikipedia About Victoria

Victoria was born on 14th May 1984, and her nationality is British. She completed her schooling at Woldingham School in South East England, Surrey. Valentine completed her higher studies in Law and Economics from Cambridge University. And then, she completed her post-graduation at Cambridge Judge Business School. She completed her studies in 2007.

In 2006, Victoria joined Reuters, a news broadcasting company. After 2 years of joining Reuters, she joined BBC in September 2008. After that, she slowly and steadily climbed the ladder of success, and Victoria became a news presenter in 2013. 

Recent Updates Through Fritz Instagram

Recently, on Instagram, Victoria posted a life update and told everyone she would take a short break from her at BBC and as a presenter. At 39, she decided to be a full-time psychological science student and pursue a Master’s. She expressed herself through her Instagram and said she would miss her work at BBC and due to commute, she also might have to leave her countryside home. 

Valentine expressed that she wants also to pursue a doctorate in Psychological Science. She posted a video on her social media. People are also searching for her Salary details and want to know how much she has been paid at the BBC. The exact figures of her remunerations are private, but many claim it is in six figures and her net-worth is in millions (as per some sources).

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Personal Details & Social Media Links

Victoria’s mother was of Irish descent. In 2016, Victoria married Dan Fritz. Dan is a barrister and a writer. The couple has 2 children, one born in November 2016. However, the couple got divorced in October 2022. After her unsuccessful Marriage, she also changed her Surname to ‘Valentine.’


She has over 8,000 followers and posts regularly on her account. Her Instagram account is like a blog on her garden and growing plants. 


Here, Victoria has more than 60 thousand followers, and she is also active on her Twitter account. 


The article has tried to explain the social media presence of Victoria Valentine and attempted to provide a reason for her current popularity. She is a UK’s famous news presenter and author who works for BBC. Recently, Victoria has announced to take a break from her job to complete her Masters in Psychological science. Victoria Valentine LinkedIn was not traceable. Victoria Valentine has an official website; click here to visit.

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