[Full Watch] Very Dark Man Tape Video Leaked on Twitter: Read On Gbola Biography, Instagram, Telegram

The post will provide details of the Very Dark Man Tape Video Leaked on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, his Biography, and Gbola on Telegram.

Do you know about the viral video of the Verydarkman? Gistlover leaked the viral video, and it became a topic of discussion among the people of the United States, Nigeria, Ghana, Italy, and the United Kingdom. The video contains explicit content, which is not suitable for viewers.

In this article, we will list the highlights of the Very Dark Man Tape Video Leaked on Twitter and provide further details.

Complete details of Very Dark Man Tape Video Leaked on Twitter

Verydarkman is a famous social media influencer who recently came under the spotlight after his private video was leaked on various online platforms. The social media star said that his private video was leaked by the platforms known as Insta Blog and Gistlover without his consent.

People also visited the Very Dark Man Instagram account to find the details of the video and whether he posted anything related to the explicit video.

Very Dark Man Biography

The very dark man is a 27-year-old, Nigerian social media influencer and is known for his humorous and funny videos on social media websites. He has a huge fan following and is also a businessman in a marketing agency. Verydarkman started his career as a marketer, and during that time, he developed a liking and passion for content creation. 

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Very Dark Man Instagram Profile

People who came to know about the private video followed his Instagram account to find out whether any details were provided on his profile. Still, there was nothing mentioned about the video. The video became viral under the name Verydarkman Gbola on Telegram, which showcased his private video.

Very Dark Man Gbola Private Video

Gistlover posted the Verydarkman Gbola Video for making remarks about Mohbad and his child. He said that a DNA test is mandatory to find out whether the kid is his own. 

The video started doing rounds on all social media platforms, and the social media influencer released the statement and expressed his grievances on the video that showed his private moment.

Very Dark Man TikTok

The social media influencer is famous on TikTok under the name @Coolverydarkman. He is known for his humorous and unique videos on TikTok and Instagram, leading to his huge fan following. 

The Very Dark Man Gbola footage gained massive attention, but the video has been taken down from the social media forums where it was posted.

Verydarkman Gbola on Telegram

Ask for the reports that Gistlover leaked the viral video on Telegram at first. From there, it was shared on other social media platforms. There are no Telegram links available that show the complete video footage of the very dark man. 

We are waiting for more details that will come up in the future. We will update more related information as soon as we get further details.

Social media links

Reddit- No authentic links are available due to explicit content.

Twitter- No links are available


The private video of Verydarkman leaked as a result of offensive remarks that he made against Mohbad’s child and questioned paternity. The Very Dark Man Tape Video Leaked on Twitter is not found on online websites. People eager to know more details can visit the online forums.

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Disclaimer: We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information, and the news provided here is taken from online sources.

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