Vehicle Gps Tracker Solutions {March} Know How It Works!

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This article describes a location-based service provided by Webfleet Solutions that helps to locate vehicles. Read more on Vehicle Gps Tracker Solutions.

Are you eager to know about an exciting service based on location tracking using the most modern technology? If so, keep reading to know more about the features to make location-tracking more accessible.

People from the United Kingdom are regular users of online cab services that involve many location-based features that help the driver reach a particular location using the fastest methods.

Go through this article that elaborates all relevant information associated with services provided by Vehicle Gps Tracker Solutions.

About Webfleet Solutions 

Webfleet Solutions, formerly known as TomTom Telematics, provides telematics services to its clients and customers involving services such as connected car service, vehicle telematics, and fleet management.

An essential service provided by Webfleet Solutions consists of location tracking, which involves the usage latest GPS technology to track the pinpoint location of the vehicle in real-time. 

Real-time GPS data is available to multiple devices that have provided access to ensure the customer’s safety and track the complete ride, including distance traveled, time is taken, and speed, with the help of Vehicle Gps Tracker Webfleet Solutions.

How Does Vehicle Tracking Work?

  • A GPS is set on the vehicle to track a vehicle and its further movement-related activities.
  • An integrated GPS receiver is deployed inside the vehicle to track the vehicle’s movement throughout the entire trip.
  • The officials can monitor the movement of the vehicle by a simple login. In addition to that, location data gets refreshed regularly to provide real-time location.
  • The tracking system also provides a facility for the person monitoring to interact with the vehicle driver to make more meaningful decisions associated with the trip.

Vehicle Gps Tracker Solutions

  • A G-force sensor also comes along with the tracking device to monitor the acceleration-based activities conducted by the driver. 
  • The person monitoring the driver can instruct to reduce unwanted speeding, harsh braking, and oversteering to improve the ride. Apart from that, a suitable vehicle movement helps to reduce fuel consumption.
  • The driver also gets instructions about the traffic conditions to act accordingly by avoiding getting trapped in traffic jams.

Advantages Of Using GPS Tracker

  • GPS technology is used to plan routes that take less time to reach, saving lots of time. Learn more on Vehicle Gps Tracker Solutions.
  • The tracker also helps choose the routes with less distance, reducing fuel conception.
  • Provides more on-time deliveries to the customers.
  • In case of theft, the vehicle gets tracked in a matter of time.
  • Reduces the paper works involved resulting in higher productivity and efficiency.
  • Management time required also gets reduced significantly.


Linking vehicles to a tracking system helps the customer feel secure, and the entire journey can be monitored on a mobile device by a concerned person with real-time information. To know more on this topic, please check.

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