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Do you know the famous former 6th Judicial Circuit Judge of Little Rock, Arkansas, United States, Vann Smith? Unfortunately, the honest and reputed judge unexpectedly passed away in early 2022. 

As per our research, on 1 August 2022, Vann’s son Logan Smith was arrested and charged for the death of his stepmother. The news broke on the Internet regarding the limelight that Logan was Vann Smith’s son. People are looking for Vann Smith Obituary, and we are here to inform them about it.

About Vann Smith’s Death:

Vann Smith was born in 1951 in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. He died unexpectedly on 22 January 2022. The reason behind his death is not yet revealed by any of the authorities or family members.

He was living with his wife Cathy Smith, his sons Logan and Reid, Marti Smith their mother Rouby, his grandchildren Parker and Natalie, and his brothers Robert and Richard Smith. You can easily find his obituaries online on several websites.

About Vann Smith Little Rock:

Vann Smith was born in Tennessee to Robert D. Smith Jr and Eloise Smith. He graduated from school of law the University of Arkansas, after which he joined his brothers in private law practice.

In 1989, Bill Clinton former the Governor appointed Vann Smith as the Arkansas 6th Judicial Circuit Division 14, and Vann has held the position since then. He was committed to community service and had coached youth baseball for almost 40 years.

Why is Vann Smith Little Rock in the news?

Vann Smith, the former 6th Judicial Circuit Judge of Little Rock, was pronounced dead in January 2022; he was seen in the news lately because of his son. Someone notified the Little Rock Police Department about an assault in progress on 1 August 2022 on 15 Lombardy Lane. When the police arrived, they found a woman victim deceased.

Hours after the news, the police revealed that the house belonged to Vann Smith, and the homicide victim on Lombardy-lane was none other than his wife, Cathy Smith, 71 years old. Thus people started searching for Vann Smith Obituary.

Logan Smith was arrested and charged:

The police were notified about the incident at around 12:06 PM on Monday. They informed that preliminary information suggests that the incident was of homicide.

The police then took to Twitter to update the citizens that Logan Smith, 34, of Little Rock, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder for the Lombardy Lane Homicide on 1 August 2022.

Vann Smith had earlier described his son Logan as aggressive, agitated, and violent when Logan had cut him with a blade in August 2021.

Final Words:

Thus, this was all about Vann Smith Obituary and the recent Lombardy Lane Homicide news in which Cathy Smith was murdered by his stepson Logan Smith. You can check the official Twitter page of Little Rock Police for more updates on the same

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