10 Unique Wedding Transportation Ideas for the Modern Couple

When couples imagine their wedding, they want everything to be perfect and unique. Do you want to make everything memorable at your wedding? Even bride and groom dress, venue and transportation. The transportation includes your guest and also for the bride and groom. If you’re going to marry soon, this post will help you to select unique transportation ideas.

Top 10 Unique Transportation Wedding Ideas

Most couples want to create a theme for their wedding. They do not like the traditional ideas of wedding transportation. Using various forms of transport for your wedding is now becoming trendy and attractive. See some wedding transport options at BBZ Limo.

However, your friends and event management team can also suggest different options. But you want to make your wedding memorable and lavish using the unique transport option. Here are the different options available that will help you to choose the best one. So, here you will learn about the 10 best transportation ideas for your wedding.

1. Using Golf Car

If you are a big lover of golf and your wedding venue is in a golf club, or need a long walk to your reception in the golf club. So, you can use golf carts as a wedding transportation. It looks unique and interesting.  

2. Sports Car As Wedding Transport

The sports car is another option for your marriage.  You can use a sports car and drive it by yourself, which is another great idea.  The guests will be amazed when you are using the sports car on your special occasion.

3. Antique Car Is Unique To Use

Using an antique car is a great idea. When guests watch you arrive at your wedding venue. Couples who come on their occasion look elegant and attractive. So, it is a memorable event using an old car.

4. Use A Heat Air Balloon

Hot air balloons have become trending. Imagine you are arriving at your wedding event and your gust waving at you. You take off at your venue.  It’s another impressive transportation option for your wedding.

5. Use Float In A Boat

If your venue of wedding is near a lake or river, the boat is an attractive option. Using the boat to arrive at your venue looks pleasant. Both you and your partner paddle the boat and arrive at your wedding place.

6. Vespa

Riding a Vespa with your future spouse is a good option.  This transport is good for the bride who is wearing a long-tail gown. So the bride feels comfortable in the Vespa. Vespa is another good idea for your wedding transport.

7. Trolly

If a couple wants that, some of their friends or family members can also use their transport. So, you can use a Victorian-style or modern trolley for your wedding event. It creates excitement when you come in this transport to your wedding place.

8. Use Elephant

You can plan and ride an elephant for your wedding. You can capture the photo with the elephant.  But be careful with using this transport. Use an expert who handles the elephant, and you can use this ride. 

9. Using Train

The train is another amazing option for wedding transport. You can use a train and your guest is also with you. If you are not using a trolley, the train is another option for transport. It looks like a unique and interesting way to reach your venue.

10. Helicopter

Using a helicopter is lavish and looks romantic. It’s a great idea to hire a helicopter for your wedding. You and your spouse come in a helicopter and landing at the venue looks marvellous. 

Final Remarks

You can select from this transport option which is best for you.  Your family members and friends can also suggest the best transport option. You can make your wedding memorable by using unique transportation.  Both of you discuss the whole theme and transport option and select one of the best ones on your special day.

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