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This article is about Two Words Different Wordle. Read to gain all related information for the recent puzzle challenge.

Have you tried playing the Wordle game ever since its existence? People have gone crazy over the daily challenges and varieties of the game. It has reached many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, etc. 

Two Words Different Wordle has been searched a lot in a while. What could be the issue? Follow this article to find out. 

What happened with yesterday’s challenge? 

On 9 May 2022, the answer to the daily challenge was ‘fetus,’ which was related to the ongoing issue related to abortion. Whereas it was confessed in the newspaper that the word was just something unrelated to the hot topic, they changed the word to ‘shine’ midway. But people who weren’t refreshing the game were getting the old answer, and hence it became problematic. Such an incident has happened in the past where some answers were changed. 

Wordle Different Words 325

We grew up playing word games, and some of us still enjoy these games. Wordle was introduced the last year, which turned into a fun word game with daily challenges. A Software Developer named Josh Wardle introduced this game to the world; perhaps it is now owned by the New York Times Company. 

The game has amazing challenges which make you play with all your will. After winning the challenges, you can also share your social media score; hence, all these factors add to people’s interest. Different words of the answer will be covered in this article. Guessing words has never been so fun. 

Wordles Two Different 

While Wordle gives a daily challenge which consists of guessing words daily, people go for tricks and tips to get the right answer. But the Wordle of 9 May was a bit confusing, as it gave two answers in a single Wordle. The case with yesterday’s Wordle was that the previous answer was controversial, and hence they had to change the word. And people who did not refresh their game were getting the same old answer. Such disasters could bring controversy, and hence the game developers tried to avoid them. 

What was the right answer? 

The words ‘fetus’ and ‘shine’ were right for yesterday’s puzzle. Two Words Different Wordle has happened earlier too. The only difference was that the users who did not refresh were getting the old answer, and the ones who refreshed their game were getting the new answer. But technically, both of them were right for the day. You can go for any answer of your choice. 


This news has been in highlight because of the disaster in the game. As the previous answer was controversial, the developers changed their answer in the middle of the day. People were confused about getting two answers. But the Two Words Different Wordle became quite complex. 

Do you want to read more about this challenge? You can go to this link, gain more information and comment down.

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