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The guide shares details about gameplay and details found on the Tower Blitz Wiki page.  

Roblox is a platform with a plethora of virtual games to attract Worldwide gamers. A game that is attracting the attention of online gamers is the Tower Blitz game. It is a casual indie tower defense game with different levels of resistance degrees. 

It has an interesting and excellent gameplay that involves protecting the towers and defeating the enemies. The veteran gamers with skills can access the competent location where structures can be protected and increase the enemy killing. 

Check the Tower Blitz Wiki page for more details about the game, characters and gameplay.

What is Tower Blitz?

Tower Blitz is the new game launched on the Roblox platform by Hexagon Development Community on 28th Feb 2020. In the past 1.5 years, the game has attracted Worldwide gamer’s attention because of its attractive gameplay and strategic levels.        

Many gamers play it as a casual indie tower defense strategy game where they need to choose ten levels with different resistance degrees from artificial intelligence. The gameplay involves protecting the towers and killing the highest number of enemies. 

As per the Tower Blitz Wiki page, the gameplay is challenging and fun-filled because many enemies invade the towers, and it is the players’ job to protect them from a competent location across the game map.

Apart from protecting the structures and towers, gamers need to destroy and kill all enemies to survive till the end of the stage and win. 

Tower Blitz Gameplay

As mentioned, the Tower Blitz gameplay involves defending the structures and towers in the game map and killing enemies to become the last to survive. As per the Tower Blitz Wiki page, the players have to choose from the ten levels depending upon the changeable degrees of resistance from AI, and they need to use all approaches to protect the structures and kill enemies. 

The single-player mode has six achievements that are awarded to players who complete the levels. Players need to defend the structures and towers where the dependents reside and kill the enemies to maintain peace within the island.

Every level comes with new units on every side, and players get more towers to defend as they progress.    

Tower Blitz Wiki – How To Play?

Tower Blitz brings the gamers to the new world where large-scale battles occur between the invaders and enemies. The players are required to deal with the alien army that is infiltrating the island and causing destruction.

So, as the game launches, players will get into an island with multiple structures and towers. The Player’s role is to defend the towers and prevent the alien army from damaging the structures.

As per the Tower Blitz Wiki page, players need to use different powers, skills and competent towers to kill the enemies, defend the towers and win rewards. 

Take Away

Tower Blitz is the tower defense game where players have to defend the structures and towers on the island and kill enemies to win the battles. 

The gameplay is very challenging, and the players have a valuable job to do in the gameplay. But, first, they need to prevent the aliens from destroying the structures and survive till the end of the levels to win rewards. The Tower Blitz Wiki page is dedicated to the different invaders, towers, maps and skins available within the game.   

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