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In this post, we have discussed the Washington Commanders’ Fantasy Football team overview of Tight Commanders End.

Are you a fan of the Washington Commander? Do you want to know about their latest team overview? If yes, tune into this post. 

The Washington Commander National League Football draft picks have received quite an interest in the United States. Commander fans are looking to know more about the Commander football team and their new tight end players. So, in this post, we will discuss Tight Commanders End. Let’s first learn who are tight ends.

Who are Tight Ends in American Football? 

In American and Canadian football, the tight end players are those in an offensive position. The tight end has a mixed position usually, having traits and responsibilities similar to those of a wide receiver as well as an offensive lineman. The three tight end players in Washington Commanders team are Logan Thomas, John Bates, and Cole Turner. 

The tight end players are normally placed up just near the offensive line, like linemen, and are still big enough to still be excellent blockers. They are, however, eligible receivers capable enough to draw a defence’s concern when following throw patterns, contrary to an offensive lineman.

List of Washington Commanders Tight End 2022

After the NFL 2022 draft, the team of the Washington Commanders have three tight end players currently. The three tight end players are:

  • Logan Thomas
  • John Bates
  • Cole Turner 

Now we will discuss the current update of each of the tight end players in the Commander football team. Let’s begin with Logan Thomas.

Logan Thomas: TE22 Rank

Logan Thomas, a tight end with the Washington Commanders, tore his ACL last season. Thomas indicated in a news interview early last month that he’s in the running phase of his recovery and that it’s going well.

Cole Turner: The New Unranked Addition to Commanders Tight Ends

The Washington Commanders signed Nevada tight end Cole Turner to the squad, bringing a singular talent tight end to the NFL. 

Turner only became a tight end for two years, having previously spent time as a wide receiver. The plus side is his obvious potential as a tight end receiver, which will provide Washington with some protection if Logan Thomas is injured again in 2022.

Turner, who stands 6-foot-6 and weighs about 250 pounds, is big enough for the NFL right away. Turner is a much more polished offensive weapon than Bates. However, there are legitimate concerns about the rookie Tight Commanders End player’s power to block during NFL games. 

John Bates: Unranked 

Bates is another tight end who has shown his capability on the field. Last season, Bates showed he could catch the ball, catching 20 passes for roughly 250 yards and a score. But for sure, he’s not very dynamic. Injuries will occur once more in 2022.


The tight end players in the Commander Fantasy Football team have much more to prove in future games. We recommend our readers to know more about Washington Commanders: Fantasy Football Team Overview by clicking here

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