The White Dragon DC Comics (Feb) Who Is White Dragon?

The post talks about The White Dragon DC Comics and elaborates on its details and some facts.

Are you in for some spoilers related to one of the popular shows on HBO Max’s the Peacemaker in the United States? The show has won the audience’s heart with the release of its first two episodes, and the viewers are already out on the hunt to find some spoilers. Based on the characters of the DC comics, it has stirred a lot of curiosity among the audience.

We thought of bringing you some information about The White Dragon DC Comics in this article. So, continue to read to know more.

What is Peacemaker?

In short words, the Peacemaker can be defined as the spinoff of The Suicide Squad by James Gunn. It is an eight-episode-long superhero-filled show that calls for a whole range of adventure and excitement.

The story, in its spinoff, continues to explore the origin of John Cena, who plays the role of Peacemaker. We will explore more about The White Dragon DC Comics in the coming sections. Thus, continue to read the entire article in detail.

Some More Facts

  • A peacemaker is a patriotic murderer who believes he can attain peace by slaughtering anyone, including women, men and children who come his way.
  • Herein, James Gunn explores the eccentric side of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters.
  • He explores obscure characters, including Judomaster, Nhut Le, and Vigilante, Freddie Stroma.
  • However, something is extremely different in his new character, White Dragon.

Are you in for some spoilers? Then read the coming sections that will hint at the character we are talking about.

The White Dragon DC Comics – What is It About?

White Dragon is the newest character in the Peacemaker series. The character appeared in the DC comics during 1987’s Suicide Squad #4. Luke McDonnel and John Ostrander created the character.

  • The character has the persona of several supervillains, especially those who are associated with white supremacy and racism.
  • The supervillains include William Heller and Daniel Duncannon, who are on the verge of eliminating the minorities.

However, do you want to know who The White Dragon DC Comics character is? Well, White Dragon here is Peacemaker’s hypermasculine father, who, as per sources, is also a racist. His name is August “Auggie” Smith, played by Robert Patrick.

The character will reveal itself in episode 2 when the A.R.G.U.S. agents in the United States try to keep Peacemaker out of jail in a murder case.

Final Conclusion

The DC Comics superheroes have continued to draw the attention of the viewers. He doesn’t have any additional powers when speaking about White Dragons. However, he is an experienced marksman who can handle different types of combats. As per sources, The White Dragon DC Comics, instead of using his wickedness as a metahuman, his villainous purpose comes from his ideology, such as Lex Luthor.

Want to know more about White Dragons? Then read here.

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