The Tees Shop Reviews {July} Is This A Scam Site Or Not?

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By Marifilmines Team

This article contains honest The Tees Shop Reviews about the e-store that offers pure cotton pillows and baskets. 

Do you want to know about the online store named The Tees Shop? In this blog post, we will educate you about the internet store that deals in bedroom items such as pillows, belly baskets, etc. Moreover, this online site originated in the United States and has plans to expand its existence throughout the globe. 

Under this blog post, you will find all the detailed information about the entity to evaluate its validity since online scams are on the spike these days. Let’s continue reading these The Tees Shop Reviews.

Read here for more details about The Tees Shop. 

This international online shopping website is influenced by the original and organic material for producing products. Furthermore, on this online site, people will find an attractive range of pillows for couches, sofas, bedrooms and garden chairs, etc. The offered items are produced using pure cotton fabric for their premium feel and benefits. 

At the same time, customers will also get attractive hand-woven storage baskets of different sizes on the website. You can use these baskets for home decoration and storage purposes. 

However, the website has not achieved any popularity in the online world, and many people are also found browsing Is The Tees Shop Legit or not. 

What are the specifications of The Tees Shop?

  • Domain creation date-16/05/2022
  • Customer care number- +1 (323) 475-8713
  • Website link-
  • Products-Pillows and Baskets 
  • Product shipping period- Depends on the distance
  • Payment method-Paypal
  • Newsletter- Not mentioned 
  • Return and exchange policy- Not mentioned 
  • Item refund policy-  Not specified 
  • Physical address- 328-Lincoln Street, Steel-ton, Pennsylvania 17113, United States
  • Social media links- Links are mentioned 
  • Email address- info@theteesshops

Indeed, customers should evaluate all the parameters before taking any call to action since, in this era, many fraud sites are published on the internet, so to get rid of such scenarios, keep reading these The Tees Shop Reviews

List of pros of buying from The Tees Shop 

  • The website’s URL is SSL encrypted, which helps in keeping your card details and other information secured.
  • The site has mentioned its contact number and Email address under its “Contact Us” page.
  • The site offers pure cotton woven items.

List of drawbacks of buying from The Tees Shop 

  • The customer ratings and reviews category was found empty.
  • The provided social media icons are useless. 
  • The site lacks to provide essential information like shipping, return and refund policy.
  • The site’s entire outlook is impersonated.

Is The Tees Shop Legit?

In this section, we will provide you with all the reliable information about the website in detail as in this era, and many scamming entities are presented on the internet that claims to offer original and high-quality items at unrealistic prices to trick innocent customer. However, to avoid such scenarios, we are here with the detailed analysis, so let’s check out all the below-specified pointers.

  • Domain establishment date- Indeed, the website is only a few months old since its domain was registered on 16/05/2022.
  • Shoppers remarks- In the analysis, no customer feedback is discovered. Besides that, no shoppers have posted any The Tees Shop Reviews on Trustpilot.
  • Social media connections-indeed, the website holds social media icons, but no icons carry any valid links that lead to the respective social media page of the site. 
  • Address originality- Under the site’s contact us page, you will only find the contact number and email address. 
  • Impersonated content- It is relatively true that the website has used impersonated user interface as many fraud portals share the same outlook. 
  • Domain termination date The website’s domain will expire on 16/05/2023. 
  • Trust index score-Warning! This is for only experienced users, as it has achieved a 1% trust score. 

The Tees Shop Reviews

To judge the website’s authenticity, shoppers must look for reviews from other customers since it provides unbiased information about the site’s services and products. Moreover, we have explored all the possible fields in search of the reviews but could not able to collect any information. For this reason, shoppers must avoid shopping from this site. Find here the ways to get your lost payment back via paypal.

Final verdict

After verifying all the available fields, we decided that these cotton pillows and basket offering site is dubious. Thus, shoppers should wait for some honest The Tees Shop Reviews to arrive to conclude the site’s authenticity. 

Consequently, this e-store is freshly established and does not contain any reliable information to prove its authenticity. Find here the facts related to credit card scams.

Do you have ever purchased from this online store? Then share your opinions with us.

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  1. It’s a scam. Nothing I have done to try to get in touch with them has been successful. I am out 100 bucks. I will review any time any day to get the word out. Sneaky bunch of creeps.


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