Texas Roadhouse Scam (Sep) Deciphering The Truth Here!

The guide shares details about the Texas Roadhouse Scam and other facts to keep readers updated and protected.  

Texas Roadhouse needs no introduction as it is a renowned and famous steakhouse specializing in steaks delivered to you in a Southwestern and Texan cuisine style. Founded in 1993, Texas Roadhouse operates its chain across 666 locations dotted across 49 states in America. The dining house is quite popular in the United States.

But, the restaurant is making news because of a scam circulating across social media. A scam is circulating on Facebook claiming to offer free meal vouchers and gifts to guests who share the posts with friends. 

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What is the Scam All About?

On 29th September, Texas Roadhouse has shared a post on their Facebook page mentioning a scam circulating over social media. Many consumers and guests of Texas Roadhouse in the United States are targeted.

The scammers are using the brand name and posting spam posts on Facebook on this behalf, claiming to offer free meal vouchers and gifts to the guests who share the post with their friends. The scammers are posting such messages with a link, and as you click the link for sharing, the scammers will gain access to your personal details. 

So, Texas Roadhouse urges its guests to avoid such posts and never click on any suspicious link. 

Is Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam Real or Fake?

As per the official social media page of Texas Roadhouse, the scam is real, and scammers are targeting the restaurant’s guests to do scams.

Scammers are using the brand name and sharing suspicious posts on the News Feed of many customers and guests claiming to offer free meal vouchers and benefits of Texas Roadhouse upon successful sharing of the post with friends. 

Consumers are urged to click on the suspicious link to take on an online survey, and as they click the link, they are redirected to third party sites where scammers gain access to their personal information. 

So, the restaurant is urging all guests to avoid the Texas Roadhouse Scam and never click on any suspicious link or share the News Feed with friends. Texas Roadhouse is not offering such deals or vouchers to guests, and people must not fall prey to such spam posts on Facebook.      

What Has Texas Roadhouse Done?

Texas Roadhouse is aware of the scam circulating on social media. They have shared a post to inform their guests about it and urging them to avoid the scam post on social media. 

The restaurant on their social media page has suggested not clicking on any links or sharing the Texas Roadhouse Facebook Scam post with their friends. They also confirmed that the scammers had been reported, and soon the News Feed will be removed.

In their post, the restaurant has also apologized for the scam post. It is creating confusion amongst the loyal guests and other roadies. 

Take Away

Scammers are taking social media to circulate a scam post that claims to offer free Texas Roadhouse vouchers and benefits to guests upon successfully sharing the post with friends.    

The restaurant is aware of the Texas Roadhouse Scam and urged all loyal guests to avoid the News Feed. You can check more details on their official Social Media Page.

Plus, ensure to equip yourself with tips on how to protect yourself from a scam. Do you see any suspicious posts on your News Feed? Would you mind mentioning in the comment section how you reacted and reported the scam? 

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