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This write-up provides the result and other relevant and important information about the Tennessee Primary 2022 election. Stay tuned till the last to know more.

Are you keeping up with the result of the Tennessee Primary Election? People from the Tennessee United States, are excited to get the result of the Election, and people are encouraging and cheering their favorite candidates all over social media. If you are also one of the people who love to know more about Tennessee Primary 2022, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the Tennessee Primary result in 2022 and the Election winner.

Who won the Republican Primary 2022? 

On Thursday, Andy Ogles won the Republican Primary Election for the 5th Congressional District. 37% of Andy’s votes were from five of the district. About 75 of the volunteers, supporters, and other donors of Andy came to the Franklin energetic watch party on 4th august 2022. They cheered Andy when the new batch of results came out. The top three candidates were Andy Ogles with 36.9% of the votes, Beth Harwell with 26.0%, and Kurt Winstead with 22%.

Beth Harwell Tennessee Election

Beth Harwell Halteman from Tennessee is a member of the board of directors of the Tennessee Vally Authority and is also known as the formal speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives. 

Harwell also participated in the Tennessee Primary Election and secured the second position with 26% of the votes. She was competing with Andy Ogles for the first position. The campaign of Beth Harwell denied opening her watch party to the media. As Andy Ogles left her behind, she thanked all his supporters and volunteers who backed her in the campaign for congress. 

What is the Tennessee Primary 2022?

Some of our readers know about the Tennessee Primary, but if you are one of them curious about the Tennessee Primary election, then we have got you covered. As we informed you, Tennessee’s result for the Election just came out but is this the result for General Election? The answer is no. 

A primary election is used either to determine the candidates for a general election for the political parties or to narrow the field of candidates. The winner of the Tennessee Primary election is chosen with the maximum number of votes, and the candidate can win even if the votes are less than 50%.

Advertisement attack by Beth Harwell Tennessee

A day before the result of the Tennessee Primary Election 2020, a set of advertisements flooded the internet on Thursday. Beth Harwell, a formal house speaker, had a negative advertisement about Andy Ogles and called him a lobbyist supported by amnesty-loving RINOs who sell out America.


In this article, we discussed the Tennessee primary election and informed about the Election’s result and winner. If you want to know more about the primary Election, read here

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