Temasek Foundation Free Mask (Aug) Get Informed Here!

Temasek Foundation Free Mask (Aug) Get Informed Here! >> The guide shares details about the NGO and the fake news of distributing face masks to the residents.        

Temasek Foundation is acknowledged for helping the residents in Singapore to beat the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, news has been circulating on social media that the foundation is distributing free N95 masks.  

As per the sources, the foundation is likely to offer 50 medical-grade face masks and 25 N95 masks to every individual with an SP bill. The leaflet is showing the date of 4th August 2021 for the collection of the masks.

Temasek Foundation Free Mask distribution is fake news as the foundation has confirmed early morning that there is no such distribution.  

About Temasek Foundation

Temasek Foundation is the International non-profit organization based in Singapore. The organization runs under the governance of philanthropic arms of state sovereign funds Temasek Holdings. 

The organization has managed to develop seventeen endowments since its conception in 1974, and it has been consistently promoting cultural and social interaction, education, and supporting the disadvantaged population in Asia. In addition, there are five more foundations that are under the financial oversight of the trust. 

What is the Temasek Foundation Free Mask Distribution?

Temasek Foundation is known for its aid for novel causes. For example, earlier in 2021, the foundation has distributed free MaskPlus Livinguard reusable face masks to all residents with birth certificates, NRIC, government-issued ID with barcode, and FIN Card. 

The mask distribution was successful, and residents were happy with the process. However, some people have been circulating news over the internet that people with SP bills comprising official logo would get 50 medical-grade masks and N95 Mask on 4th August 2021.   

But, the foundation confirmed Temasek Foundation Free Mask distribution on 4th August is not true. The foundation took the social media page to clarify that they are not distributing any free masks on 4th August. 

What has Foundation Clarified and Confirmed?

After mask distribution news got viral on social media and the internet, the foundation posted a letter on their official Facebook page. The post is to clarify that the foundation is not planning to distribute any free masks to residents on 4th August. So, residents must not head out of their house after learning about the fake news of Temasek Foundation Free Mask distribution.   

The foundation said that they are about to perform official trials for medical grade and N95 mask distribution. The trial is set for late August or early September 2021. So, residents must wait until the end of August for an update on the official trail of mask distribution.

How are People Reacting?

We evaluated the news, checked the posts on social media, and found many comments and feedback from people. Many people reacted and expressed their feeling about the Temasek Foundation Free Mask news. Some confirmed that the distribution news is not real and asked others to wait till the end of August. 


Temasek Foundation is the renowned NGO that has been known for supporting people to beat the pandemic. Earlier this year, the foundation was seen distributing free face masks to residents to stay protected and safe. 

Now some fake news is circulating that confirms that 4th August is the day of Temasek Foundation Free Mask distribution. But, official social media post confirms that it is not real and must be ignored. 

What do you have to add about fake news? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section? 

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