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Do you have any idea about the news discussed on social media recently? In today’s topic of discussion, we will discuss news about a popular rapper named Sonya Miller. The news relates the death of her daughter. Here we will discuss the story of Sonya Miller Drugs that are on trend in the United States. Would you like to know the exact newsSo, to get all the detailed information, continue to read the following write-up.

Why is Sonya Miller’s name linked with a drug?

The news is related to Sonya Miller’s daughter, who passed away at a very early age at 29. Looking into her daughter’s behaviour, her family decided to go through the test for her and the entire family. It was confirmed from the test that she was addicted to drugs. 

What is Sonya Miller Net Worth?

Sonya C, also called Sonya Miller, is a Richmond, California-based female rapper. Our research found that her net worth was spread and informed that it is $63 million. However, her exact net worth is $30 Million. She is going through trauma due to a huge loss of life; she lost her daughter, and people are interested in knowing Sonya Miller’s richness. 

Who has confirmed the death of Sonya Miller daughter?

 Master P and Sonya Miller’s daughter is Tytyana who died. Her real name was Percy Robert Miller Sr. She was addicted to drugs several times. Her family requested to go to rehab, but she always denied it and said she did not need any professional help. Her family always admired her.

What about the news on Sonya Miller Drugs?

 The drug word mentioned in the news is related to Sonya Miller’s daughter’s death. On May 30th 2022, a post shocked the fans of Sonya, and Master P. The news revealed to Master P that his beloved daughter Tytyana is no more; he wrote a sad note on his Instagram. He did not mention the cause of death in his post, but he mentioned that his daughter had been dealing with her mental illness for a long time and her drug addiction-related problem. But no wonder people are also discussing Sonya Miller Net WorthIn this situation, Miller P appealed for privacy and mentioned in his post that we are going through a very tough time because we have lost our lovable daughter. She has around $30 million worth earned throughout her successive career, including her ex-husband’s given during a divorce settlement.

Personal detail of Sonya Miller-

Sonya Miller was born in 1970 in the United States, which means she is around 48-years old. She possesses American nationality, and she is well-known as the ex-wife of a celebrity, Master P, an actor, singer, and businessman.


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