Solitaire Smash Scam: Check Why Is The Site Treated As Fake, Also Find Its Detailed Reviews

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Solitaire Smash Scam to learn why people consider it unauthentic.

Did you know two different card games are available on Google Play and Apple Store with the same name – Solitaire Smash. Did you know people from the United States and the United Kingdom are suspicious of the game? Therefore, Let’s check its legitimacy in this Solitaire Smash Scam write-up.

About Solitaire Smash:

Solitaire Smash on Apple store, developed by Play Perfect, is trending in the USA and the UK. Solitaire Smash is also available on Google Play store, which Baca Mihelich developed. Term Solitaire Smash searched online will give you several results from Google Play store as most card game contains the word – Solitaire.

Solitaire Smash on Apple Store is a card game that involves betting. Entry fee for a single game is between $15.00 to $25.00. Real money can be won if player wins a complete game series (or) same game played by other users. Learn more about Solitaire Smash Betrugsmasche below. However, individual games credit points to user account based on lowest time to solve the card puzzle.

There are blue cards distributed in game that are bonus cards. A few users reached top three in global dashboard and won real cash. Users can request withdrawals at any time once they have $10.00 in-game credits. Users can opt for auto-debiting their accounts for a certain amount daily.

Why is Solitaire Smash treated as a scam?

Solitaire Smash is an addictive game that makes users invest money, hoping that they will win series and get good RoI.

Customer Solitaire Smash Reviews:

All product reviews on are positive and above 4.5/5-stars. Hence, such reviews on are unreliable. Four user review rated it 5-stars on Apple store. Several users reported that they could not complete entire game series (or) counter scores of other players of same card puzzle. 

Users experienced that initially, up to 10 games, they win the matches, but later, the bot wins the series. Two users rated it 1/5-star on Apple store. Solitaire Smash stood at #15 position in casino games on Apple store. Therefore, users’ investments are either even out or they lose the money. 

Four user reviews rated it 3/5-star, suggesting Solitaire Smash Fake game. Only a few users who make it to top three make profits. Two users on Facebook rated it 1/5-stars. Solitaire Smash gained a 4.8/5-star rating on Apple store. One user review rated it 4/5-star.

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Solitaire Smash seems a suspicious game as thousands lose money, and only a few users profit. Solitaire Smash is possibly legitimate due to good trust, business index and low suspicion scores. Solitaire Smash Scam is a rumour. It must be noted that bots are designed with an algorithm that makes the last few game series unsolvable, making the users drop out of the game. However, 

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Solitaire Smash Scam – FAQ

1Q. What is trust index of ( gained an above-average 88% trust index.

2Q. What is business index of gained an excellent business index of 100%.

3Q. What are website scores of gained a low 8% suspicion, 2% threat and malware, and 1% phishing and spam scores.

4Q. Can users play the game on its official website –

Yes, users can play Solitaire Smash online game on website.

5Q. Is blacklisted? uses a secured HTTPS protocol; Its IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) for next 84-days. is not blacklisted.

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