Solis Discord Bot Scam (Nov) Decoding The Truth Here!

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The guide shares details about Solis Discord Bot to help users know if Solis Discord Bot Scam or legit service to use.

Are you looking for Discord bots to automate the tasks and enhance multi-tasking on the server? You may come across multiple Discord server bots over the internet, of which Solis Discord Bot is the one that is recently launched. It claims to be the best Discord Server Bot with features to engage users while enhancing their experiences. 

But, many developers and users in the United States still hesitate to use the services and want to know if Solis Discord Bot Scam or a legit platform. 

The post will share some crucial details. So, continue reading!

What is Solis Discord Bot?

Solis is the space-themed, customizable Discord Server Bot developed and written in Python using the library. The platform uses different APIs, including NASA’s updated information. 

It is equipped with some of the great features, including Astronomy Picture of the Day, images of the earth and mars rovers, pass times and position of ISS and the EPIC images of the Earth. The platform also includes the best modules, including Anti-Raid, Moderation, Economy, Giveaways, Fun and Music. 

Despite all these features, people in the United States are hesitating to use it without proper research.   

Is Solis Discord Bot Scam or Legit?

We have evaluated the website and found some crucial facts that would help you know if Solis Discord Bot is a scam or legit platform to use. 

  • The website’s domain age is 113 days, as it was created on 25th June 2021, and the domain is registered for three years.
  • The website’s trust score is 20%, and it is an average score that can’t be considered to confirm its legitimacy. Users have to research more to know if Solis Discord Bot Scam or a legit Discord Bot to use. 
  • After evaluating online, we found zero reviews, feedbacks and comments from the users. We only found a few comments online where users are asking and inquiring about the Discord Bot, and there is no confirmation whether or not it is a legit service to use. 

These are some of the factors that we found in our evaluation, and hence it is not confirmed whether or not it is a legit service. Users are requested to research before using it.

What are the Customer’s Reactions?

As mentioned, we have evaluated the website virtually and found zero comments and reviews from consumers, and hence it is not clear whether Solis Discord Bot Scam or legit. We have found a few comments on the Discord Support Page where people are inquiring about the Discord Server Bot.

No users have confirmed whether or not the Solis Discord Bot is a scam or legit service to use. So, we urge all users to carefully research and analysis the service before using it on the Discord Server. 


Solis Discord Bot claims to be the best Discord Bot to make multitasking more manageable and smoother. But, there are no reviews or feedback available to support this claim, and hence we can’t confirm whether the Solis Discord Bot Scam is legit.    

It is the responsibility of users to analyze and review the Bot carefully before using it. Plus, they must learn the tips on how to protect yourself from a scam

What is your opinion regarding Solis Discord Bot? Would you mind sharing it in the comment section?

2 thoughts on “Solis Discord Bot Scam (Nov) Decoding The Truth Here!

  1. The bot is 100% a scam. Got a message from the bot saying it would “give me 15 free boosts for inviting it to my server for a limited time” absolutely am not gonna add that abomination to my server. And neither should anybody else with half a brain.

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