Sld Opportunity Scam {Sep 2022} Read Entire Info Now!

Today’s post on Sld Opportunity Scam has informed our readers about the trending scam that is running around these days.

Have you heard of the new scam trending so much these days? If you have not, do not worry. Today, we will try to give as much information about the scam as possible. This scam is running around in the United States, and some people have fallen into their trap.

Today, in this post on Sld Opportunity Scam, we will provide a piece of detailed information about the trending scam. Please read the entire article to know more about the scam.

All About the Scam

Potential victims are receiving the text messages which are part of the “SLD Opportunity” scam. The goal of the con artists is to convince potential victims that they have received a job offer in order to get them the receiver can call them at the number provided in the bogus SMS or via a Zoom link. Additionally, the fake text states that Rosa@SLB has a few inquiries about the candidates’ resumes. 

Sld Opportunity Scam

In this scam, the potential victim receives a text from the scammer that goes like this; You are approved to join the SLD’s Company Overview accompanied by an Interview on XYZ day at ABC hour. (They also provide a Zoom invite or contact number in the text), or the text can also be like, Hi, I am Rosa@SLD; we have a few queries regarding your resume. Therefore, we may arrange an online interview, for which they provide their contact number in the text.

If you or your near ones have ever experienced Sld Opportunity Scam, or even if you have not, be aware for the future and also inform your loved ones not to fall into the trap. Tell them about this scam, and you may share this article for reference.

People who have received such texts

Some people who have received such texts and called on their given number told us that, after talking on a phone call, the scammers set up a zoom call where they begin with a regular company video and say that their CEO, apart from their ‘busy’ schedule has taken time to conduct this interview personally. In this Sld Opportunity Scam, they also perform a 1-on-1 interview in which they mention a paid course, which the candidate must pass to get into the company.

People in their stable state of mind may refrain from giving any money but those who are in terrible need of a job and money may fall into the trap.


In today’s article, we have tried to inform our readers as much about the trending scam that is going on. We have warned our readers not to fall into this trap. Please visit this link to learn more about this scam

Do you like the post? We have provided as much information about the Sld Opportunity Scam to refrain our viewers from falling into this trap.

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