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The article will discuss the facts about Slaves Under Twin Towers and also try to find out its current situation.

Do you know about the recent controversies about Twin Towers? The argument has emerged due to many historical facts and proof. Many people in the United States want to know about this debate. 

Recently some bones have been found on the Twin Tower construction site. After discovering these bones, people are curious to learn about their truth. In this article, we will discuss the matter – Slaves Under Twin Towers

What is the Issue? 

Nearly one decade ago, it started as an indisputable fact. A passionate archaeological survey team found a burial ground. After discovering the burial, the debate is beginning among the many people. Many connect it with the racism issue.

As per the demand, the people want to know more accurate information on the incident. So the federal government has decided to do another research on the matter. It also discovers the facts and the social impact of American slavery history. According to the report, a fund has also been raised to research the issue.

Slaves Under the Twin Towers

The incident turns into the historical elements of slavery. The research says that many black people think their ancestor’s history is rooted in the slavery concept in the country. 

After people know about the dispute, the incident is touched with the emotional obligation. As per the local media reports, many city officers and historians are working together to collect the bones buried in the lower Manhattan city. 

Recently historians have found the six-acre burial area. The searching group also found 419 skeletons on the ground. And that sparked the controversy. 

Slaves Under Twin Towers– the Aftermath

Many people claimed that more than 90 percent of the skeleton is the black people’s skeleton. The structure belonged to the African people who worked here as enslaved people. The research also finds that 40 per cent of the skeleton is related to the children’s bones. 

The age of the unfortunate children was under 12. The concerned people also claim that more than 20000 enslaved people were buried on the ground. Among them, 10 cents belonged to the African Muslim community. The researchers are also searching for information on Slaves Under the Twin Towers

The People’s Reaction

The debate and situation are getting violent day by day. Recently a taxi driver was stabbed for religious reasons. So, we can understand the condition of the issue. Many people want to know the truth. 


At last, we can say, the debate has sparked all over the country. Recently, the black advocacy group leader has claimed how these people face the problems. The slaves were dead of the ill-treatment. By the way, whatever points and discussions we have submitted here are the internet sources. 

Let’s check the Slaves Under Twin Towers debate give a new theory or not. You can check the link and gather the information for more accurate data. What is your opinion on this matter? Please comment.

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