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Did you watch this Singapore Airlines video? This clip has shocked Worldwide viewers. In this clip, you can clearly see how airline turbulence happens and affects passengers. Moreover, many viewers are looking forward to gathering more information on the Singapore Airlines Turbulence Video through this article.

Know about Singapore Airlines Turbulence Video-

Social media users posted a clip of the aeroplane’s dramatic vibrating cabin, with terrified occupants clinging to their chairs when a disturbance struck. This video shows a turbulence-filled moment on a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300 on a flight from London to Singapore.

On Tuesday, travelers on a Singapore Airlines aircraft experiencing intense disturbance experienced a sharp decline as all fury burst out aboard the Boeing aircraft, which consisted of 229 travelers and staff.

Flight monitoring data indicates that Flight SQ321, travelling from London to Singapore at 37,000 feet, quickly descended and then ascended a few hundred meters again, repeating the process for approximately ninety seconds.

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What about the Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death of passengers?

What about the Singapore Airlines Turbulence Death of passengers

When the tragedy happened, a large number of travellers were eating breakfast. There has been one death and thirty injuries as a result of the disturbance. As stated by the hospital in which they received medical care, among those injured were people from Australia, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Spain, the United States, and Ireland.

The aircraft was rerouted to Bangkok following the incident. Goh Choon Phong, the CEO of Singapore Airlines, stated in a recorded message posted on Facebook. Moreover, 143 of the 211 travellers and 18 crew members who were on board the initial flight were transferred to Singapore via a relief flight, so they arrived early on Wednesday morning.  Six staff members and the other 79 travellers, among them those undergoing hospital attention and their loved ones, are still in Bangkok.

Singapore Airlines Turbulence Reddit-

A video on Reddit was posted after the incident, which clearly showed how much this turbulence damaged the aircraft’s inner side, and a person lost his life. It is a shocking video that clearly depicts the situation of passengers at the time of turbulence.

Singapore Airways expressed its sincere sympathies to those who lost loved ones, its spokesperson said. We have sent a group to Bangkok to offer whatever extra help is required while we collaborate with the governing bodies in Thailand to provide the required health support.

Images from within the aircraft also appeared on Twitter, capturing the terrified reactions of the occupants following the turbulence. The photos revealed an injured flight staff member, a messy cabin with breathing masks, and portions of the craft swinging in midair.

Singapore Airlines Turbulence Video- Get more details here-

It was a terrible accident that shocked everyone who was flying the flight and also their relatives. On the other hand, more than 140 travelers and staff members from the Singapore Airlines aircraft, which conducted a sudden landing in Bangkok on Tuesday night due to intense disturbance, landed in Singapore early on Wednesday.

The company posted on Facebook that around 5:05 a.m. local time on Wednesday, 131 travelers and 12 staff members who had travelled onboard SQ321 landed in Singapore as a result of a rescue aircraft. At 37,000 feet, the plane carrying 211 passengers and 18 crew members encountered abrupt turbulence while cruising over the Irrawaddy Basin. 

Following this accident, a 73-year-old British national passed away from what appeared to be a heart attack. Twelve were receiving hospital treatment, and eighteen were hospitalized out of the minimum of thirty injuries.


In investigating the viral news about the Singapore Airlines Turbulence Video, we found that it was a severe incident. Luckily, all passengers were immediately sent to a medical facility. Click here. Unfortunately, an old passenger lost his life, and another injured traveler is getting medical care.

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