Shopertaken com Reviews (Aug) Is It A Legit Store?

Shopertaken com Reviews (Aug) Is It A Legit Store? >> Please read this composition to know about a newly launched website selling women’s garments and other accessories.

Are you fascinated to own the most colorful garments in the upcoming festive season? Do you wish to look unique and stylish among your peers? You are keen on purchasing clothes from a new website called Shopertaken, but do you want to be more aware of it? Then, you are at the right place. 

This website is presently operating in India, and it would be helpful for you to determine the Shopertaken com Reviews before proceeding in this regard. 

What Is Shopertaken Com?

Shopertaken Com is an online electronic commerce website selling various types of women’s garments ranging from ethnic wear to western wear and accessories like bags and watches. It also provides household items like air sofas and ice-cream makers and electronic items like speakers and tablets. 


  • Website Type – An e-commerce portal is dealing mainly with women’s clothing items and household tools. 
  • Website Address –
  • Contact Address – 25 Raghukul Nivas, Vip Rd, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380002 (we were unable to find the existence of this address on the Web, which shall give you some idea about Is Shopertaken Com Legit).
  • Contact Number – (91)9510941274
  • E-mail Ids –, 
  • Sorting And Filtering Options – Available
  • Payment Policy – Not mentioned.
  • Shipping Policy – Free delivery all over India, takes 5-7 days.
  • Return And Refund Policies – Product to be returned within two days, 100% refund within 4-5 working days.
  • Payment Modes – PayPal, and cards of Visa, MasterCard, American Express (no COD).
  • Product Price – mentioned in Indian Rupees.


  • The conditions for returning the products are straightforward.
  • The product descriptions are adequate.


  • The developers have misspelled the city and state names in the contact address, which seems intentional and is a strong point concerning Shopertaken com Reviews (we have corrected the same in this write-up).
  • The copyright at the bottom of the home page is marked as 2016, which is not the same as the website creation year.
  • In the “Wishlist” section, it mentions “Edit Title”, which seems to be copied.  
  • The discounts are too high to trust.
  • Cash-on-delivery is not feasible. 
  • The “About Us” section tells that this website deals with saris without mentioning the other items that the website sells.
  • The product categorization is poor, and the designer has disordered the same.  
  • Customers shall feel hesitant to put faith in this website owing to its newness and absence of reviews. 

Is Shopertaken Com Legit 

Please read some facts that we have researched over the Web and the portal itself regarding its legitimacy. 

  • Age Of Website –  The website registered very recent on 11-06-20121. Hence the age of the site is just over a month to be precise.
  • Trust Score Of Website – 1%, categorized as a “Very Bad Trust Score”.
  • Social Media Linking – There is no linking of this portal to any social media platform on the home page. Although icons of Facebook, Twitter, etc., are present for sharing the products, on clicking these, only the login pages of these platforms are opening. If you are looking for Shopertaken com Reviews, then the absence of the social media profile of this website speaks a lot.
  • Customer Reviews – No products have been rated or reviewed in the portal.
  • Absence of Specification – There is no information regarding the payment policy followed by this platform, except for the modes accepted. 
  • Genuineness Of The Contact Address – We could not find the mentioned owner’s address on the Internet.
  • Broken Link – The hamburger menu on the top-right corner is non-functional. 

The facts above are pretty unpleasant, and we can derive from these particulars that this website is illicit. 

Shopertaken com Reviews

Through our findings, we were unable to obtain any reference of the subject website on reviewing portals such as Reddit, Quora, Amazon, or Trustpilot. This implies that the website is highly new for the customers to even mention on these platforms. The absence of customer reviews also indicates that the online buyers cannot trust this website as it may lead to PayPal scams when one attempts payment in such portals. 

The Final Verdict

We would suggest you not go ahead in purchasing products from this website, keeping all the facts about Shopertaken com Reviews in mind, as it is difficult to rely on, and you may fall victim to credit card trickery on this platform. You may like to read about the different types of Saris  worn in various Indian states. 

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    • HEllo Archana Tiwari, when did you place your order? Did you receive any tracking information? Our sincere advise is to cross check everything very minutely and also read reviews, and then take your appropriate action. Please let us know further, what is the status of your order. Thank you and take care

  1. My order num : 90563
    I place. My order on July 30 but still I can’t receive the product I track my order until Aug 10 but now I can’t track my order when I track the status in processing only when will I receive my product or otherwise say how to cancel that product I can’t reach ur website

  2. My order id 92629 placed on 30 july, made payment online,still not received after so many mails and number comes switched money has gone,these creeps are not responding even.

    • My order id 92629 placed on 30 july, made payment online,still not received after so many mails and number comes switched money has gone,these creeps are not responding even.


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