Shareplay Not Working Ios 15 {Sep} All You Should Know!

Let’s know why Shareplay Not Working Ios 15 and explore the recent updates launched for Apple users.

The update in iOS 15 has recently brought improvement with its bunch of new features. But are the Apple users satisfied with it?

The advancements are always done to enhance the customer’s experience; but sadly, the people in the United States have reported that the FaceTime feature of the device is not working. In turn, it creates inconvenience as they were expecting such handy features in the update.

Let’s explore Shareplay Not Working Ios 15 and learn the reason behind it!

What is SharePlay?

It is a FaceTime feature that allows the users to share the screen with their friends to watch Web series, shows, films, and listen to music during a FaceTime call. It was launched at the WWDC 2021 event and was expected to come along with an iOS 15 update. 

One can easily bring out their favorite films on the platform where others are already connecting by group activities API.

But the unavailability of such an exciting feature in the latest update has disappointed the awaited fans of iOS 15.

Why Shareplay Not Working Ios 15?

Surely, there must be a valid reason behind the absence of the FaceTime feature shared by the developers of Apple. 

The users having iOS 15 currently running on their devices will be able to access this feature soon. But in the meantime, they have to wait till it gets enabled on the devices.

According to the supporters of Apple, SharePlay will not be available until any future development occurs. The same verdict is also available in the latest updated feature list of iOS 15.

However, Shareplay Not Working Ios 15 reason is still not completely justified by the Apple supporters.

What are other new updates now available in iOS 15?

Though users cannot access the Shareplay feature, there is a lot more to explore for them. 

  • Spatial audio has been introduced to improve your experience of how you hear voice during the calls. The fascinating thing about it is that the voice will sound from the person’s direction in which he is positioned on the screen. In turn, your flow of conversation will become easy.
  • Grid View – The Shareplay Not Working Ios 15 took away the excitement of using FaceTime call, but you will be glad to know that inspired by the portrait mode of Cameras, the latest iOS 15 will have this feature. 
  • Emoji – iPhone users can now choose stylish outfits for their emoji and express them with the latest collection of stickers.

When will the SharePlay features be enabled?

There might be a possibility that Apple will introduce Shareplay with the launch of macOS Monterey. However, it is still not final as the Cupertino giant has shared no details regarding it.


Presently, Shareplay Not Working Ios 15, but there is a hope that Apple users will access it before the end of 2021. So, there is still some time left for you to enjoy the TV shows with your friends during the call. Till then, learn more advantages of using iOS 15.

What are your views about the unavailability of Shareplay on iOS 15? Comment and share with us.

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