Screwfix Fathers Day Scam {June} Read It And Beware!

Latest News Screwfix Fathers Day Scam

The post talks about the Screwfix Fathers Day Scam and elaborates on other necessary details about the scam.

Are you all excited about father’s day that falls on the third Sunday of June every year? Many scammers are waiting to scam your pockets amidst the excitement of showering your father with all the love and gifts.

The internet renders a platform for users to make purchases and scammers to try their modus operandi. One such incident has been trending across the United Kingdom named the Screwfix Fathers Day Scam, which we will be highlighting in this article. So continue to read further.

What is the father’s day scam?

There has been a certain scam that is currently trending in the United Kingdom. Herein, a father’s day text has been shared through WhatsApp to users on the pretext of father’s day giveaways. As per the sources, the text talks about a scam competition that offers free coolers full of Heineken. It is being circulated on WhatsApp.

Thus, warnings about not clicking on any links shared on the message-sharing platform have been shared across the internet. In the coming section, we will elaborate further on Screwfix Dewalt Giveaway and other details.

More information about the scam

  • A WhatsApp text is circulating across the internet.
  • Herein, users have shared a message which claims to be providing a giveaway of free Heinekens.
  • However, a warning has been shared to users to not click on any link.
  • As per sources, the scam is to trick the users through phishing spam that would steal information related to account and personal data and use it maliciously.
  • Besides, the same modus operandi trick victims into signing up for unwanted services.

Screwfix Fathers Day Scam – What is the news about?

The message claims to offer 5,000 free coolers. Besides, the message also includes a link that the users are asked to click. Herein, the victims, clicking on the link, are directed to a fraudulent website.

However, the information that is filled on the phishing website is used by scammers to steal information. Besides, it was also confirmed by Heineken to not click on any link that comes across as suspicious, and the company runs no campaigns for Screwfix Dewalt Giveaway. We recommend that users not click on any links or forward giveaway messages that may comprise suspicious links to safeguard themselves from scams.

Final Conclusion

Many giveaways and deals are provided on the internet for the Fathers’ Day, allowing users to win exciting prizes and discounts. However, that has also attracted many scammers to use the opportunity of hacking user details and using it for carrying out malicious activities.

We hope this article provides sufficient information about the scam and how you can safeguard yourself from the Screwfix Fathers Day Scam. Do read and know more.

Did you, too, receive any scam messages on your messaging app? Do share your opinion and views in the comments section below.

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