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Latest News Santa Monica Hit and Run

The article describes a deadly high-speed Santa Monica Hit and Run incident that occurs a few miles away from the place.

Are you aware of the fiery accident that took place yesterday in Los Angles? Do you want an update on this news? All people in the United States who are aware of this news wanted to know how the crash happened.

However, you need not worry as we are here with the latest information and updates on the news. There are many incidences of Santa Monica Hit and Run; however, yesterday’s accident was painful and horrifying. Let’s see it in detail.

What is the latest news on the accident?

Due to the unpredictable nature of the situation and the mess around the accident spot, there are chances that the casualties and fatalities altered many times. The same thing happened in yesterday’s case. 

The accident crash happened yesterday around 1:30 local time by a Mercedes in which a couple was heading south on La Brea. Initially, the death toll was five. However, a press conference later confirmed there were a total of six members who lost their lives. According to Santa Monica Accident Reports, a pregnant lady, three individuals, an infant, and an unborn child died in a fire followed by a crash incident.

What happened on Thursday in La Brea?

A car speedily heading La Brea, nearly eight miles away from Santa Monica, blew a red light and smashed multiple vehicles around 1:30 p.m. at Slauson Avenue. The fire immediately breaks out as the wrecked vehicles continue to skid through the junction. However, they come to a standstill in front of a gas station. Los Angeles County Fire units were called near around 1:40 p.m. In this Santa Monica Hit and Run incident, nearly nine people were injured, and multiple cars were damaged.

Surveillance video:

The incident was recorded by a nearby business showing a high-speed Mercedes moving west, running a red light at the intersection and colliding head-on with a sedan and taking more vehicles before it stopped at the gas station. Following the incident, Mercedes and three other automobiles burst into flames.


The cause of the collision is under investigation. However, according to the investigator, the driver was a nearly 40 years old lady who was hospitalized and in moderate condition. The speed reason is unknown at this point. Moreover, the area remained closed following the Santa Monica Hit and Run incident.

How did some of the eyewitnesses describe the incident?

Many people said they heard a loud noise followed by fire and an electric spark. Before fire units arrived, they also witnessed thick plumes of smoke in the sky. One witness said it was like a bomb exploded nearby.

One has to say that it is sad to see people on fire and pray for them. The most disheartening is to see a baby flying from the intersection and fall to the ground, and we could not do anything to save the baby, another person there said.


A fatal and fiery Santa Monica Hit and Run accident took place nearly 8 miles away from it. Nine were injured, and six died, including new-born, unborn, pregnant women, and three individuals. To watch the video of this devastating incident, click here.

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