Safetmed Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Offer A Legit Deal?

Read this post on the website and we hope that these Safetmed Reviews will justify your doubts on this website.

Hey, guys, are you searching for a site where you can buy personal safety equipment. Due to the growing pandemic, people are always searching for a good website where they can find genuine products. Nowadays there are many websites formed which deals in such safety products. So, today we bring you a website named Safetmed that offers Face Masks, Sanitizers, Gloves, PPE, Disinfectant, etc. This website is recently been searched by the people of Canada.

But before approaching such online sites, you need to be sure if this website is legit or a scam. So, with the help of our Safetmed Reviews guide, you will get to know the legitimacy of this site. So, please read the full article and get familiar with it.

About Safetmed

Safetmed is an online site that offers Face masks, Sanitizers, Gloves, Respirators, etc., all that is needed to tackle the current situation. This website was formed in 2020, which means it is over 1 year old. It has been mentioned that this website’s motto is to provide quality products and great service. This website also provides the largest selection of medical masks and respirators. 

Furthermore, before shopping from any site, you should always check the features. So, below we will present you the features of the sites. So, please read it carefully.

Features for Analyzing Is Safetmed Legit?

  • Domain Creation Date- This was created on 2020/07/09, which means it is over one year old.
  • Website Link- shop at this
  • Products Offered- Face masks, Gloves, Sanitizer, Disinfectant, PPE, etc.
  • Payment Method- Amex, Discover, Visa, Discover, etc.
  • Shipping Timing- Products are shipped within 10-15 business days
  • Email Address-
  • Company Address- 9475 Rue Meilleur, Suite 209, Montréal, Quebec H2N 2B7
  • Contact No.- 1-888-382-SANI (7264)
  • Social Media Presence- It has got social media links only over Facebook.
  • Return & Refund Policy- Products should be returned within 30 days except for face masks which are non-returnable, and offer a full refund.
  • Exchange Policy- no exchange policy given regarding Safetmed Reviews.
  • Newsletter- newsletter found 

Now, through this article, you will be able to know about the advantages and disadvantages of Safetmed, which are a crucial part while judging a website’s validity.

Advantages of Safetmed

  • The website is over one year old.
  • It has social media presence.
  • Reviews are available on this site.
  • Contact details are genuine.
  • Email Address name matches the domain name.
  • URL and Portal name matches.

Disadvantages of Safetmed

  • The owner of the domain name is not identified.

Is Safetmed Legit or Fake?

An online website can be called eligible for being a legit website if it fits the criteria that we are about to discuss below. It should possess all the characteristics for being a genuine site.

  • Domain Age- This website was formed on 2020/07/09, which means it is over 6 months old and can be trusted.
  • Domain Expiry Date- It will expire on 2022/07/09.
  • Adress Authenticity- Contact details are given properly and are genuine.
  • Social Media Links- It has links on Facebook.
  • Trust Score- The trust score is only 45%, hence not up to the mark.
  • Trust Rank- Trust rank is only 50.6% and hence not satisfactory.
  • Alexa Rank- Alexa ranking is 763,496
  • Policies- Policies are given clearly and are understandable.
  • Owner Information- The owner of the domain name is hidden.
  • Customer Reviews- Reviews are available on this website.
  • Content Quality- Their about us content is 80% plagiarized.
  • Discounts- not given.

Consumers’ Safetmed Reviews

As per our research, we have found some reviews on Facebook with a 4.7 rating, and there are all positive reviews except one, which is negative. Also, there are article-based reviews and advertisements about this website from genuine sources. Another positive aspect of this website is that it has got social media presence over Facebook page.

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And if you have any other questions regarding our article, feel free to ask and post your comments in the box below of these Safetmed Reviews.


Going through the above discussion, we have concluded that this website can be considered legit. This website has many positive points. It is quite old. It has got a social media presence; its contact details are genuine, and the essential factor for deeming it as a genuine site is it has got some good reviews. 

So, with the points discussed through these reviews, this website can be taken as a genuine website. But still it is suggested to explore and research well and read all the Safetmed Reviews before taking any decision.

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