Reviews {June 2021} Is It Safe Or A Scam? Reviews {June 2021} Is It Safe Or A Scam? >> This article will help you to know information regarding the dubious site. Could you have a look and read it?

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Due to the Covid pandemic worldwide, the necessity of online shopping has increased tremendously in countries like United States and Canada. Thus, it has become necessary to review some of the online shopping sites and check their product quality to satisfy the new consumers. 

So let us have a quick look at Reviews and its popularity in different countries. 

What is Rubbytoday Shop?

Rubbytoday is an online retail shop that delivers quality products to its customers and ensures satisfaction with its products. They mainly target he youth people of Canada, and United States to provide them the desired products and earn profit. The products are mentioned below-

  • Bracelets
  • Earrings 
  • Denim jackets 
  • Denim pants
  • Casual tops and shirts 
  • Jumpsuits 
  • Shoes

The online shopping portal accepts all types of payments, including PayPal, VISA, Debit and Credit Card. Let us find more details to detect the real identity of this site, i.e., Is Legit?

Specifications of Rubbytoday Shop 

  • The official website of this online shopping portal is
  • Their email address is
  • Domain creation age is the 24th of February, 2021, which means it is only a 4-month old website.
  • Casual shirts, denim jackets, bracelets and earrings are the main products as per 
  • No information of office address 
  • Offers payments in diversified modes such as PayPal and Card payments
  • Not much publicity over the internet thus only shows its products on Pinterest
  • Offers free shipping on a minimum purchase of $99
  • They also proffer Buy 2 and Get Additional 30% off on the 3rd item. Reviews mentions the below positive points of the Shop:

  • Huge discounts on products
  • Hassle-free shopping interface
  • Discounts on purchase over $99
  • Diversified daily needed garments are included on this site
  • A good trust rank of 58.4 implies the site is Active, Mediocre and Common, which means it has gained positive and negative feedback.  

What are the negative points of the Shop?

  • IP address and WHOIS details are not mentioned on the website 
  • Modern technology used in their website is not mentioned in any Reviews
  • They usually target the youth audience by implementing huge discounts on the products, hence lacking in building trust. 
  • The office address is not particularly mentioned on the website that seems quite distrustful amongst the buyers.
  • However, looking at their policy of attaining such customers by providing them huge discounts, they are not gaining desirability and productivity over the internet.
  • Returning policy of the products are not desirable and beneficial for the buyers as they will issue the refund a week after application of such action.
  • The major negative point associated with buying stuff is that the buyer is responsible for returning items.
  • Reviews have shown that the website is new in the online shopping portal, thus imparting suspicious activity.

Is Scam or not?

The information that we have collected till now-

It is an online shopping portal of different variety of clothing materials and accessories. 

Domain age: It is a 4-year old website. Thus, there is a trust issue regarding the website.

Trust rank: high trust rank, i.e., 58.4 out of 100

Is Legit?: The data have shown both positive and negative vibes regarding the website; however, it has failed to gain belief amongst the customers

Social media activity: almost no social media activity excluding publicity over Pinterest

Customer’s review: Trustworthy reviews are not available over the internet hence seems cynical.

Customers’ Mindset

It is an online website portal that offers its youth audience access to huge discounts on its products at an affordable price. However, after looking into details, it has been found that this site lacks some important data such as IP address and technologies that they are suing for production of quality products. PayPal scams are huge and not safe – read here to stay alert.

Final verdict

In spite of the fact that they are implying huge strategies, they have failed to gain much publicity as this site is suspicious. Hence gathering knowledge about Reviews it has been found that it is a doubtful site.

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Have you ever tried any suspicious site, mention in the comment box below?

4 thoughts on “ Reviews {June 2021} Is It Safe Or A Scam?”

  1. Terrible product and not possible to return due to shipping cost to China. My shorts were defective. Would not recommend rubbytoday

    • Hello Sule! We heard your pain, we always present our deep researched reviews for the readers so that we could spread a word for the safety of buyers. Yes, bearing the shipping cost by the buyer is not at all advisable. This way is not at all great approach a buyer should get response. Stay Safe.

  2. It’s a scam the most horrible product ever and impossible to return… That’s how they make their money …they send crap That you can’t return


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