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Do you know about Roz Weston? A famous storyteller and entertainer from Canada. If you don’t know who he is, read this blog post till the end.

He is an entertainment reporter at ET Canada Live, hosted The show Roz and Mocha, and a host of Morning Radio Show.

Recently, there has been news coming about Roz Weston’s Big Announcement. Read this article to know Roz Weston Announcement.

Trending News

On April 12 2022, Roz Weston, hosted The Show Roz & Mocha and a famous entertainer and storyteller, finally announced his memoir “A little Bit Broken.” The book is a compilation of personal account of Roz’s life, which chronicles his struggle of living in a little town, heartbreaking incidents, an unsuccessful marriage, the losing father, and fighting opioid addiction.

He said, “He has spent his life looking forward, but it was the one and only instance he turned back to see his past. And what he discovered was a tale of his own, that he hoped people can connect to and enjoy.” However, after the news of What Was Roz Announcement Today went viral, and the book became the Best-seller on Amazon.

Who is Roz Weston?

The famous radio host Roz Weston was born in Canada on October 22, 1974. He rises to fame as an Entertainment Reporter at ET Canada Live and famous radio host of Toronto’s Kiss 92.5.

Roz interned with the famous American radio and television personality Howard Stern before joining Toronto 1 TV station. He got an opportunity to host “Last Call”, Toronto’s first late-night show. However, Roz is already talented and is now all set to add “Author” to his resume.

Roz Weston Announcement

Doubleday Canada is on the leading book publishers for more than 80 years now. However, this time they proudly announced the publication of Roz Weston’s memoir “A Little Bit Broken,” who is a multi-platform entertainer and reporter.

According to the publisher, the book is available for pre-order now and will be published in audio, e-book and Hardcover formats on September 27 2022. Roz mentioned the struggle of his life that not many people are aware of and his life story he has never shared before in this book.

So, what’s so special about Roz Big Announcement? Don’t you like Roz and his books?

Final Verdict

Roz Weston is a famous entertainer and radio representative. He works as a host on Roz & Mocha Show and an entertainment reporter for Entertainment Tonight Canada and ET Canada Live. 

He recently announced his first book, “A Little Bit Broken”, based on the struggle and problems he faced in his whole life. He mentioned that this book would inspire readers by mentioning the self-forgiveness, redemption, and recovery from bad choices he faced in his life.

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