[Updated] Rigoberto Barrientos Footage: Detail On Video Viral On Instagram, Youtube, Telegram

The article shows the video of Rigoberto and how the police department oppressed him. People can obtain all the details by reading Rigoberto Barrientos Footage.

Did you see the video of Rigoberto that went viral on online platforms? Why the police arrested Rigoberto? Why was his leg cut off? What did the video contain? After seeing such a terrible act, the citizens of the United States and the United Kingdom were grieved. The article Rigoberto Barrientos Footage explains below.

Why the police arrested Rigoberto?

Rigoberto and her girlfriend had a heated argument among themselves. At the time of the fight, Barriento’s girlfriend called the police. Immediately after disconnecting the call, the Zapata County Sheriff’s Department deputies went to the house to look into the situation. They did not find any signs of physical harm or evidence of unauthorised entrance. 

The lawsuit claims that over the interrogation, a heated argument broke out between one of the police officers and Mr Barrientos as they provided to drive him to remain at his partner’s family’s home. But Rigoberto declined, leading to what his lawyer claims was a crude arrest. The news spreads on Instagram.

How was Rigoberto’s leg torn?

Rigoberto stated that his leg bent backwards in the opposite direction from the way his knee is supposed to turn, with such force that people can hear it on the video, and it just split off his leg completely, except for a few tissues at the front. Two bandages were put on Barrientos to stop the bleeding as he died.

A citizen in Zapata County filed a claim against the sheriff’s department and four officers for allegedly using too much force leading to the loss of Rigoberto’s leg.

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How much amount Rigoberto demands from the police?

Furthermore, Green maintains that the police report said Mr Barrientos tried to start a fight with the lawmen, but the sheriff’s deputy falsified the information. A jury trial is also being requested in the case of Barrientos, who seeks roughly half a million dollars for his medical expenses. People started watching videos on TikTok about the incident. 

The Zapata County Sheriff’s Office has been contacted several times. But there were no responses from them. Green said he would wait for Zapata County elected officials to publish the body camera footage. A significant issue needs to be resolved for the Zapata County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s an opportunity for the officials, Green said. He should not release the video on Youtube. Officials should do it. 

How do people react after watching the video?

People were panicking after watching the video. On a few sites, the video was restricted for children who were below 18 years due to the cruel activity. Police treated Rigoberto very harshly, and he claimed to get medical expenses from the department. People started sharing the video on Twitter and wished it would reach the higher people and get some justice for Rigoberto.

At the news conference, Barrientos gave a brief declaration stating that he just wishes justice to be served and that he would not like this to happen to anybody else. People reacted to the messages in Telegram about the video. 

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As per online research, the news is heartbreaking. People should stand and support the victim. The most offensive portions of the video while still allowing viewers to see how the Texas Authorities addressed the situation. The public witnessed terrible things, including what happened to Mr Rigoberto Barrientos of Zapata. Read more on Rigoberto online

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