Remi Lucidi Final Video: How Accident Happened? What is There on Instagram Oficial? Check Twitter Updates & Wikipedia Details Here!

Get all the information about the death of Remi Lucidi and find out why people are searching for the Remi Lucidi Final Video.

Have you seen the last stunt video of Remi Lucidi? The famous social media star and sports player Mr. Lucidi, also known as Remi Enigma, apparently passed away performing a stunt.

People from the Philippines and the United States are trying to see his last-stunt video to discover what went wrong. Therefore let’s get all the details on the Remi Lucidi Final Video.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any Celebrity. We have no intention to harm anyone emotions. All the information available in the article is for informational purposes only.

About the Incident 

Remi Lucidi is a famous personality known for climbing the highest and most famous skyscraper buildings. Recently, he visited Hong Kong to showcase his talent on social media and tried to climb the tallest building, Tregunter Tower. 

According to the police investigation report, the guard said Lucidi came to meet his friend, who lives on the 40th floor. While confirming on CCTV footage, he seems to go out of the lift on the 49th floor and use the stairs to reach the top floor.

People are talking on Twitter about Remi and want to see the final footage of his stunt on the Hong Kong building. However, police recovered Remi along with his camera and ID Card. Therefore after watching the Remi Lucidi Video Twitter, people are heartbroken, and his fans share their love on his social media.

Additionally, there is no information about the family of the lesser one and no words from their side. Remi was staying in the hostel, whose owner told the authorities he was friendly and soft spoken.

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Instagram Oficial

People are visiting the Instagram handle of Remi to check out his last post and his acts as a professional stunt artist. There are many social media accounts with similar names of people who might get confused. The official account of Remi Lucidi is @remnigma. 

He uploaded his last Instagram on 24 July, showing the tallest skyscraper in Hong Kong. However, now people are showing condolences and sharing RIP comments on his post with love. Multiple fan pages of Remi are also uploading tribute on Remi Lucidi Reddit Video.

Wikipedia Details of Remi Lucidi 

Name Remi Lucidi
Date of Birth 23 February 1993
Place of Birth Montpellier, France
Age 30 years old
Profession Social media content creator and YouTube
Family Information unavailable
Net Worth Approximately $300K

Despite that, there is no other personal information available about Remi Lucidi. People know him for his brave walking on the edges of famous skyscrapers buildings. Additionally, he was born in France, but he spent most of his life climbing buildings in Hong Kong.

The maid in the building saw the sudden Accident of Remi where she said he was knocking on the window, which might have pushed him back. 

Social Media Link:


Instagram Stunt Star Remi Lucidi, 30, Dead After Falling from 68th Floor of Hong Kong Skyscraper
byu/iamsobluesbrothers infacepalm


Final Verdict

The popular content creator Remi Lucidi known for his unique sports and stunt of climbing the tallest building, died falling from the 68th floor. People are heartbroken and sharing love and condolences to Remi. The local police identified Remi and started the investigation. 

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Remi Lucidi Final Video: FAQs

Q1 How many followers does he have on Instagram?

He has more than 47.8 K followers.

Q2 When did Remi start making climbing videos? 

He started creating videos in 2015.

Q3 From what height does Remi fall?

He fell from 219 m.

Q4 When did the maid in the building see Remi? 

She saw Remi near 7:30 pm.

Q5 Was Remi Lucidi died due to an Accident

As of now, people believe that it was an accident.

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