Redroad V17 – All About A Powerful Cleaning Device

The guide shares details about the new vacuum cleaner Redroad V17, its performance, and other details for a worthwhile purchasing decision.

Vacuum cleaners are the common household appliances. Regardless of where you live, a vacuum cleaner is the must-have appliance for house cleaning purposes. When talking about vacuum cleaners, we can’t underestimate the significance of its filtration system. 

The vacuum cleaner’s filtration system can infect the breathing air in the room, especially when the exhaust is leaking. In addition, it may cause asthma, rhinitis, and other respiratory diseases when it lacks capturing the pollens.

The global leader in home appliances, Redroad comes forth with a solution for quality house cleaning needs. Redroad V17 is the flagship vacuum cleaner equipped with Mantolo 3.0 filtration system that claims to keep the pollen-free by capturing all dust and particles in the room. So, it keeps the user’s health better and houses clean.

What is Redroad V17?

Redroad V17 is the innovative vacuum cleaner designed with consumers in mind. It is designed for powerful cleaning of the house without leaving behind dust particles and pollens in the air. The vacuum cleaner has an omnidirectional brush head that uses a double roller brush design for optimal cleaning. Moreover, it allows the users to reach difficult areas and corners without moving the heavy furniture. 

Besides, the vacuum cleaner comes with a brush head with modular components, and it allows using different brushes depending upon the surfaces. In addition, it comes with dual soft brush rollers for hard floors and two bristle brushes rollers for the soft carpet areas.

Innovative Features for Quality Performance 

  • Filtration System: Redroad V17 is the innovative cleaning gadget equipped with Mantolo 3.0 filtration system. It works efficiently to capture all pollens and dust on the surfaces and offers a clean home while protecting the user’s health. 
  • HEPA Filters: The vacuum cleaner comes with activated charcoal HEPA filters, and they are effective in capturing 99.97% of dust particles and pollens up to 0.1 microns. It includes dust mites, fine dust, pet dander, pollens, and anything that can trigger allergies, asthma, and rhinitis in people. 
  • Purifier: The vacuum cleaner has an inlet H12 HEPA purifier that can purify the incoming airflow to keep the motor protected and extend the vacuum cleaner’s service life. Besides, the outlet H13 HEPA filters keep the outflow of the air cleaner. Moreover, the 12-cone cyclonic dust separator ensures high suction power without blockage or suction loss. 
  • Motor: The vacuum cleaner is powered by the 120, 000rpm of a maglev brushless motor with a powerful air duct design. The power of the motor makes Redroad V17 the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaner on the market. With over 450W rated power, the motor has the suction power of 25 600pa. It helps in the deep cleaning of your house while keeping the user protected. 
  • Suction: With 155AW suction, the powerful revolution of 120000rpm, and 26500pa vacuum pressure generated by a powerful motor, the vacuum cleaner can remove up to 99.9% of mites, pollens, bacteria, and other allergies that can trigger respiratory disorders in older adults and babies. 
  • Dust-Mites Removal: Redroad V17 is designed to remove the dust mites and ensures that no dust mites are left behind during damp and warm seasons. However, dust mites are active throughout the year, and hence dust-mite removal is necessary for all seasons.  

Some More Information

The vacuum cleaner filters are the prime attraction as it uses Dual HEPA Filters with activated charcoal. The combination makes the air coming out of the machine cleaner than the one present in the room.   

Besides cleaning the floors, Redroad V17 is also capable of removing the foul smell from the surfaces. It is because of the H13 outlet HEPA filters combined with activated charcoal. It ensures to prevent the foul smell in the cleaning areas. Users must ensure to clean the dust cup timely. The dust cup is made of transparent material, which can be rinsed or washed under water.         

Redroad V17 will never disappoint you in cleaning your house and keeping you protected all year round by capturing the bacteria, dust, mites and removing the smell. 


Redroad V17 is the powerful cleaning device backed by innovative technologies and filters to make your house cleaning chores a breeze for you. The vacuum cleaner is powered by a robust motor with higher suction capacity and pressure. So, it won’t leave behind any dust mites or pollens in the room. You will always have a clean and sparkling floor after cleaning it with Redroad V17

It is the cordless vacuum cleaner powered by a Lithium-Ion battery that has the capacity of 2500mAh to run for 60 minutes on Eco settings. Overall, the cleaner is powerful and suitable for house cleaning needs.

Are you using the Redroad V17 vacuum cleaner? How is your experience with Redroad V17? Kindly share it in the comments section.

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