R9x Missile Wiki {Aug 2022} Know The Entire Information!

The following article will give you information about R9x Missile Wiki and its recent use to kill terrorists in Afghanistan.

Have you heard about the Hellfire Missile? Why do people want to know about this Missile? Hellfire missile or R9x is an AMG missile created to damage anti-armour vehicles or heavily loaded targets.

Recently information regarding the R9x Missile spread on the internet, and people in the United States, the United Kingdom and India eagerly want to find out the purpose of using the R9X Missile. So you can read this article to get the essential information about R9x Missile Wiki.

R9x Missile Information

R9x or AGM- 114 hellfire is a heavy-duty missile that can target from air to ground and damage all the heavy armoured vehicles like tanks, ships etc. This missile is only for military purposes to air-strike the enemy zone or the terrorist lands.

Later the latest version of this Missile, Hellfire 2, was launched in 1990, which was recently used to kill Ayman al Zawahiri, who is well known for his horrifying terrorist attack. It has an inbuilt radar that detects the spot and locks it before the launch. The missiles wear about 100 pounds.

Hellfire Missile r9x Wiki

People are searching for useful information on wikipedia regarding the Missile r9x (Hellfire) to figure out the damage it can give to the terrorist lands and vehicles and how it is useful in accomplishing the mission of killing one of the prime terrorist leaders of Queda Ayma al Zawahiri and his terrorist view along with their armed vehicles.

On 31 July, the US government attacked the terrorist lands of Al Zawahiri in Afghanistan. This attack became the biggest achievement over the terrorist attacks that occurred in the past few years. Out of 11 terrorist attacks, Al Zawahiri was a part of 9.

Detailed information on R9x Missile Wiki

R9x is an AGM missile, also known as Hellfire. This Missile can be launched by any fighter helicopter aircraft that can detect the area through the laser available of the Missile and lock the target before launching it.

The Ah- 64 Apache helicopter is commonly used to carry this heavy-loaded Missile to destroy armed tanks and vehicles. After the US military destroyed the area of al Zawahiri in Afghanistan, people were excited to figure out the correct information about the Missile and how it operates and works. Hellfire Missile r9x Wiki can help you provide all the information you seek. Moreover, multiple versions of this Missile are available in different military forces.


On 31 July 2022 US military used the R9x (114 Hellfire) Missile to destroy the force of terrorist Al Zawahiri in Afghanistan. So many people want to know about the damage it gives to the terrorist lands and its specification.

Did you know about the R9x Missile earlier? You can also share your reviews and comments in the section below. To read more about R9x Missile Wiki, you can open this Wikipedia page

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