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Read the article, and you can understand the whole incident on Quidditch and Quidditch Team Ron Support.

The Quidditch Team! It is getting lots of attention from many. 

So, we decided to take a look at Quidditch. The team or the members have already hit the mind of the United Kingdom and the United States audiences. But there is something that you know more about. 

The team is associated with Hogwarts School. Hope you know the school very well. The school is famous for its “Witchcraft” study. But in this article, we need to focus on the salient features of Quidditch Team Ron Support

The Prominent History

First, we should know about the basic history of Quidditch. What is their origin? We need to check each aspect properly. 

As per the research is concerned, we find many points of view about Quidditch history. The facts began in 1690. When Gryffindor faced defeat and started waiting for his new chance. In the 20th century, the Quidditch representing Gryffindor in Hogwarts School played a match to decide the Quidditch competition championship. 

But in the match Minerva got injured and broke many parts of his body. 

What is the Quidditch Team Ron Support

The first game was played between Slytherin and Gryffindor, and it was played on a cold day in November. It was the first match played by Harry Potter. In this match, Angelina Johnson scored first. 

It was the first time that Harry saw Snitch. But at the match, Harry was blocked by Flint. For this foul, Madam Hooch was awarded a spot-kick. Alicia took the penalty and scored. In this game, Professor Quirrel uses magic and interferes in the game. He did it for Harry Potter. But Harry by Hermione Granger saved that time. For Quidditch Team Ron Support, a small fire occupied Quirrell.

After many incidents at the last team, Gryffindor won by 170-60 points.

Captain Harry Potter

In the later part, management selected Harry Potter as their caption. Harry took charge as skipper of Quidditch in the year 1996-97. In the same year, an incident took place about Comet 260.

Due to this reason, some of the players tried out from “Hufflepuff”, “Katie Bell”, and “Ravenclaw” and informed Harry Potter not to take blessings for tryouts.

The main reason was not keeping old players or taking friends for Quidditch Team Ron Support

The New Formation

In the formation, new people were involved, like Romilda Vane. At this moment, another team was piling the pitch. There are other people also who were from the original Quidditch team. 

The Quidditch team is also famous in India and Indonesia. 

The Last Verdict 

Many incidents happened due to the Quidditch team. The final match was played where Ginny Weasley was placed as a seeker. Dean Thomas retook charge in the game. So, Gryffindor won the second Quidditch title in a row.  

The whole incident is called Quidditch Team Ron Support

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