Pueblo Reservoir Accident {May 2022} Know The Details!

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This article provides all facts on the Pueblo Reservoir Accident Visit our page continuously.

Do you want to know about the boat accident? Do you want to know how many people overturned in the Colorado Lake? If yes, this article provides you with complete knowledge.

One person is dead, and another is missing after the boat accident happened with the dozens of the people in Lake Pueblo State Park in the United States.

The boat overturned on Sunday at around 7:30 Pm with more than dozen people. Let us tell you about the Pueblo Reservoir Accident in brief.

A boat overturned in Colorado.

As per the social media reports coming from the Colorado Parks, it was observed that the three adults and eight juveniles were saved from the water at a temperature of 60 degrees. And it was done by experts. Park Rangers recovered the one body from the water, whereas the one body is still missing. Now the marine recovery team and Colorado parks tried to search the people in the depth of the water upto 80 feet for the missing bodies, said the officials. 

Authorities advised the boaters to avoid the area, so the Pueblo Reservoir Accident couldn’t happen. The rescue efforts were started by the marine team and Colorado parks after the overturned boat on a Sunday evening. After some time, the colorado parks and wildlife have stopped the search for the missing bodies due to the heavy winds. In this accident, the flatboat capsized and overturned near the north side of the picnic area on Sunday. The officials supposed that the high winds caused the more overturned of the boat. 

How were the people affected by this boat accident?

Here tell you the efforts made by the Colorado parks and another rescue team under the Pueblo Reservoir Accident to save the bodies that are going into the deep water. 

  • Officials say that there are 13 people on the boat.
  • In this, eight kids and five adults were present on the boat that overturned towards the north picnic area due to the heavy winds.
  • One woman died due to this boat accident, whereas one man is still missing.
  • One child was searched by the marine team and reached the Area hospital with the help of the UC Health Lifeline.
  • After some time, the remaining 10 people will also be searched by the Colorado parks and marine team and taken to the area hospitals.

Reports on the Pueblo Reservoir Accident

According to the report from the officials, we have already told you about how the boat overturned around the north picnic area due to the heavy winds in which one woman arr died, and one man was missing, one child was taken to the hospital.


In this article, we give you all reports about the boat accident that happens in Colorado. In this, we tell you the direction of the boat overturned and the number of people who were affected by this accident. Also, we highlight the efforts made by the marine team and Colorado parks to save the people from deep water.

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