Procom Recruiting Scam: Are Reviews Available? Check All Crucial Details Now!

To get the entire detail about Procom Recruiting Scam through reading reviews and facts mentioned below in the article.

Have you heard about this recruiting platform? Recently this platform will be discussed as a fraud recruiting platform, and users look forward to knowing its facts. This platform has gained popularity in Canada

But here we will scrutinize this job providing platform specifications to see whether it Is Procom Recruiting Scam or not?

Disclaimer- The article possesses all the reliable facts taken from the internet that will offer readers accurate detail about the topic. Our intention is not to promote any portal or application.

Is Procom Recruiting a scam? Read the analysis here-

Procom is offering services to detect fraudulent candidate through analyzing their resume. Moreover, it is only a scam that is going to run by Procom company.

A short summary on Procom-

One of the top providers of recruitment and contract employee service in North America is Procom. The company has 14 offices across North America and over 10,000 highly qualified employees presently at work, consistently satisfying the requirements of Fortune 500 clients since 1978. The company staff has won awards. 

Focused on Procom Recruiting Reviews

In our findings, we found mixed reviews from the working employee of the company. Only some staff members are satisfied with the company’s operational scenario and policies. 

They stated the working environment is productive.

In contrast, according to their statement, a few employees are unhappy with the company’s salary structure, which needs to be higher. They also need to improve their working procedure. It offers remote work with too much workload. Procom is registered within LinkedIn with a proper   that can assist job-seekers correctly.

Procom Recruiting Scam or not- To get read specifications-

  • The company website address is-
  • The company was created on- Since 1978.
  • The life span of company-Not mentioned.
  • Trust score availability- Not calculated by us.
  • Services offered by it- Contingency, Contract, Staffing, Temp to Perm, Payroll Services
  • Telephone number- Job-seekers can call on 416-483-0766
  • Company name-Procom Services.
  • Company Address- 2200 Yonge St., Suite 700, Toronto, Ontario M4S 2C6, CA.
  • Alexa ranking-Not found.
  • Social media availability- The company promotes itself on the leading social media sites to promote itself.
  • Name of owner-Frank McCrea, President and CEO of Procom.

Go through Procom Recruiting Reviews to know its profits-

  • The employees are friendly.
  • A valid contact number is stated.
  • We found the physical location of its office.
  • It offers a pleasant work environment.
  • It shows a solid social media web page on all the leading social networking sites.
  • It provides a remote work facility that makes an accessible work environment for staff.
  • It is a too old company.

Losses of the company-

  • In our findings, we did not find its client’s reviews.
  • There is no detail about the service providing charges of the company.

Procom Recruiting Scam-

In our research we found that this company is offering fraudulent services to detect fraud recruitment process. Moreover, we report that it lacks in valuable client feedbacks about its services. So, there is need to learn about How to Get a Full Refund on PayPal Scams here.

Social Media Links-

Does anyone have any experience dealing with Procom when negotiating salary over the phone.
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The website is well developed but misses users’ feedback, but employees’ reviews are available. So, there are many crucial details is missing that depicts it is a con platform. Learn- How to get a full credit card refund if you were scammed.

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Procom Recruiting Scam-FAQs-

Q.1 When Procom has been established?

Ans- In 1978.

Q.2 Which industry followed by Procom?

Ans- IT Services and IT consulting.

Q.3 What is the size of the company?

Ans- 201 to 500 employees.

Q.4 Where is the Procom headquarter located?

Ans- Toronto, Ontario.

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