Powerstripe Reviews {Feb 2022} Is It Legit Website?

The article shows all the features about the Powerstrip Reviews, and the websites’ legitimacy.

Do you like to play computer games? If you want this, you need varieties of graphics cards, desktop, power supplier products etc.

There is an online or virtual shop that can offer you this kind of product quickly. They offer products like motherboards, mining cases, and processors at an affordable price.

 This shop is already famous in countries like the United States and India. Many people are buying products from this online store. So, we will review the essential information about the site by proper Powerstripe Reviews and try to find the facts.

What is www.powerstripe.com? 

Powerstripe.com is one of the famous virtual shops that offer various kinds of manufacturing products. Their main products include main things like- video graphic cards, desktop computers, mining machines, manufacturing products like ABS, MSI etc. products.

As per its current popularity among the buyers, we need to dig out accurate information about the site. We also need to find out its nature and features regarding the service pattern, customer service etc. We also try to find out the customer’s review about this site to know Is Powerstripe Legi?

Specifications of Powerstripe.com Site

  • Domain Creation Date – 07/02/2021
  • Domain URL – https://powerstripe.com/ 
  • Products Type – Desktop Computer, Graphics cards, Fans and PC cooling, Mining cases, Motherboards, Processor, Memory card, Hard drives, Power Supplier etc. 
  • Official Address- 17800 Castleton St, City of Industry, CA 91748, United States 
  • Phone Number – +1 888-755-7876 (Toll-free)
  • Payments Mode – Various methods like Credit cards, Pay Pal, Digital Currency (Cryptocurrency) 
  • Return Policy– 60 Days return policy 
  • Refund Policy- Various refund policies are issued to the same credit cards, debit cards, Pay Pal or Digital Currency. 
  • Exchange Rule – Optional Exchange policy allowed. 
  • Delivery Rule – As per the Powerstrip Reviews within 3-8 Business days 
  • Delivery Charge – Conditional as per the country and region. 
  • Social Media Presence – Social Media Icons are not specified

Pros from Buying from Powerstripe.com Site

This virtual shop offers many manufacturing and desktop products online.

  • The site offers various ranges of products. 
  • It has precise delivery, return and exchange policy.
  • The shipping policy is very moderate, as per the website. 
  • They provide a wide range of products at affordable prices. 
  • They offer a straightforward payment procedure.

Cons of Buying from Powerstripe.com Site

  • Owner’s name is not specified on the site.
  • They don’t have any social media pages

Is Powerstripe Legit

Now we need to find out the is the site legit or not. The following discussion can understand the point about its legitimacy. 

  • Domain Date- The site was launched on 26 January 2001. As per the domain date, the site is old. 
  • Trust Score- It has a 76 per cent trust score. That is the average trust score.  
  • Contact Info- Although they don’t offer the founder’s name or the owner’s name. But as per the website, they have registered office, contact info, email id. 
  • Social Media Icons- They don’t have any social media pages. As per the Powerstrip Reviewsthis is very absurd these days. 
  • Owner’s Info- The owner’s name is not disclosed by the site. 
  • Customer Review- On their website, no customer review is showing. 
  • Website Policy- They provide proper payment terms, various and written shipping policies, refund and return policy etc. They also exchange rules on their website. They also offer proper delivery rules and policies. 

Here we suggest you also have a look at the customer review section as it is a vital section to know about the website’s legitimacy. 

Powerstrip Reviews 

On the site, they don’t offer any customer feedback. But as per the other site and the buyer’s view, we find that they provide excellent service. Their products are good.

They offer an easy buying, payment and shipping policy. Due to this reason, many buyers are interested in buying products from this site. As per the other expert reviews, more than 80 per cent of buyers gave this site excellent remark. It makes the online shop more trustworthy and valuable among the buyers. They also offer conditional shipping protocols to many countries that cover European countries also.

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Last Thoughts

After the proper review of the virtual store, many people can ask Powerstrip Reviews or not. After the discussion of the site, this online shop has a credibility and trust score. It also has positive reviews among the buyers. So, you can buy from this online store easily. Also, check its official website by clicking on the link.  

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