Portable Nebulizer Machine: What it is & How it’s Used

Portable Nebulizer Machine: A nebulizer is a medical device that people suffering from asthma or any other respiratory issues use. The liquid medicine converts into a mist and goes directly to the lungs, which makes the healing effective. Unlike old nebulizer machines which used to be quite heavy & noisy. Now people can have a portable nebulizer machine that just starts with a press of a button and doesn’t make a noise. Plus, they are easy to clean. Let’s know more about this respiratory curing machine. 

Pros of Using a Nebulizer 

➤Convenient as Breathing 

When using a handheld nebulizer then one doesn’t need to take much stress as it’s easy to use. It’s as convenient as breathing, and there are no special techniques to use the nebulizer machine. It makes it easy for children and older people to use. Generally, they have fear in the heart when using any kind of medical machine. On the other hand, inhalers are pretty challenging and follow a forceful inhalation technique. 

➤Treatments Work Faster

Another benefit of using a nebulizer machine is that treatment is fast & effective (as mentioned above). The treatment works within five minutes. In comparison to having the solid medicines that start, it results after 30 minutes. Medications that are taken orally have to break down to enter the bloodstream & spread to the entire body or where it is required. But inhaling the medicine through a nebulizer bypasses this process and goes straight to the lungs.

➤Travel Without Feeling Burden 

Portable nebulizers can be carried anywhere, so the person can live a quality life. However, when planning to get a nebulizer for sale, one must ensure that the weight is not too heavy; otherwise, traveling will feel burdensome. This is an excellent benefit of portable nebulizer machines. Therefore, it makes life better. 

How to Use a Nebulizer

It’s always recommended to consult the physician before using the nebulizer. It’s okay if the person has not consulted as it’s not difficult to use it and must be mentioned in the packaging how to use the particular portable nebulizer. Every nebulizer works differently, so one must be certain to read the instructions carefully as it can damage the machine. 

These are a few basic steps:

  1. Firstly, ensure to use clean hands when using the machine.
  2.  Now according to the doctor’s prescription, make the liquid medicine.
  3. Assemble the essential items of the machine, such as the top piece, mask, tubing, and mouthpiece.
  4. Follow the package instructions and attach the tubing to the device.
  5. A nebulizer can be electrical or battery-operated, so turn it on like it’s mentioned in the instructions. 
  6. Tightly hold the mouthpiece and slowly take deep breaths through the mouthpiece. 

Take a Note: It’s essential to clean the nebulizer as people suffering from respiratory issues can have severe side effects. Again it’s suggested to follow the instructions and clean the machine. In addition, today’s nebulizers are feasible to clean, so there is not a great hassle. 

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Therefore, a nebulizer is excellent medical equipment that helps the patients to heal at a faster pace and doesn’t require technical understanding to use the machine.

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