Pollock Pines Cameras {Aug} Let’s Read About a Camera!

Pollock Pines Cameras {Aug} Let’s Read About a Camera! >> Here in this article, we will read about a very special camera that helps detect fireplaces.

Everyone has heard of the ongoing Caldor Fire in California, United States. And how the pollock cameras have helped in detecting the fire places in Caldor. So Here we will read about the role of Pollock Pines Cameras in detecting fire places. 

Basically, The cause of this fire is unknown, but two people were injured due to the fires, as per the reports. The fire has already burned more than 3000 acres of land, but due to the quick movement of the fire, it isn’t easy to provide accurate numbers. Pollock Pines has been evacuated, but the cameras installed in the whole area have been very helpful in capturing the wildfires. 

When did the Caldor Fire start?

The fire started on Saturday near Little Mountains between Omo Ranch and Grizzly Flats and has burned more than 30000 acres of land. And The cameras like the Pollock Pines Cameras have helped capture Caldor Fire.

There have been no causalities, but two people have been seriously injured. The government has issued a warning for evacuation of South Highway 50 to Pleasant Valley Road and from Sly Road west to Snows Road and Newtown Road, including the community of Rancho Del Sol.

 These evacuations are not mandatory but have been recommended to avoid any injuries. After reading all these things, let us read about how good pollock cameras were in the fire.

How were Pollock Pines Cameras useful?

The cameras present in the states are helping combat the ongoing fire in the west. These cameras are also helping to report new blazes. The cameras act as a bird’s eye view and thus help the firefighters for containment and evacuation. Recently a surreal image of the Caldor fire was captured from the Leek Spring camera. Many of these cameras are installed to a Wireless Internet Service provider 

What was the Prescribed Fire Program?

The USA has seen devastating wildfire this year, and thus it becomes necessary to understand what was done and not done to control the fire beforehand. and cameras like Pollock Pines Cameras have helped immensely during the wildfire. 

According to the situation, many projects are developed year-round, but a plan is made in the fall. The five cameras on Eldorado National Forest were added to the Alert Tahoe Network with the hope that they would monitor wildfires. No doubt that apart from these cameras, other 


The situation of the Caldor fire is critical right now, but we are hopeful that it would get better. The authorities and the firefighters  are helping a lot and doing their best. And one of the most important equipment being used is Pollock Pines Cameras, about which we have discussed in this article.

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