Pokemon Go Obstruct {July 2022} Read Information Now!

Please peruse this report to learn about Pokemon Go Obstruct, an upcoming move in the game on the August Community Day, as announced by the developers.

Are you a passionate player of famous mobile games? Do you like collecting details about new features introduced in these games? Are you aware of a particular upcoming day in a renowned game franchise? Then, please read this account to be well informed. 

Today’s report has talked about the introduction of an attribute in a popular gaming application. Players globally, including in the United States, cannot wait to learn its launch date. Thus, please read till the end to know about the Pokemon Go Obstruct.

When will Pokemon Go Incorporate Obstruct?

Obstruct is one of the moves in Pokemon. The mobile gaming application Pokemon Go will soon include the obstruct move in the app. Niantic, the developers of Pokemon Go, recently announced this inclusion. The Community Day of this game for this month will occur on 13 August 2022. 

Niantic declared that the event’s highlight will be Galarian Zigzagoon. In addition, players can earn bonuses, like Stardust and candy. The event shall commence at 11 am per local time. The special attraction of the day will be the Obstruct Pokemon Move

About Obstruct

Obstruct is a dark-type move used in the Pokemon world. The developers introduced it in the eighth generation. When the Galarian Linoone reaches level 35, it is in its last version of Galarian Zigzagoon. The character can then evolve into an Obstagoon by leveling up. The obstruct move is the characteristic of Obstagoon. 

As the name suggests, this move obstructs or blocks attacks. Also, if the rival user makes contact with the Obstagoon, the former’s defense statistics will decrease by two stages. These statistics would also reduce if the contender had immunity against the contact move.

How to Use Pokemon Go Obstruct?

The subject move will be made available to Pokemon Go players on 13 August 2022, the game’s August Community Day. The event comprising the Galarian Linoone raids will start at 11 am. The primary event shall conclude at 2 pm, even though the attacks shall extend till 7 pm, per local time. 

There will be ample opportunities for gamers to attain this move. Players can encounter Galarian Linoone in the wild throughout the day. So, if any gamer evolves this Pokemon into Obstagoon before 7 pm, it shall learn this charged attack move. 

Where Else is Obstruct Pokemon Move Applied?

Apart from its upcoming inclusion in Pokemon Go, the obstruct move is used in various Pokemon spheres. These include the Pokemon Masters Ex game, the Pokemon Adventures manga series, and spin-off versions from other generations. 

The Closing Thoughts

Pokemon Go fans from the United States eagerly await the August Community Day. Apart from utilizing obstruct, the gamers can also use their incense modules for three hours that day. Regarding the game, here is a list of Pokemon Go moves you may like to know. 

Is your game’s level eligible for Pokemon Go Obstruct? Please share with us below.

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