Great Tips to Help You Pick a Moissanite Ring

A moissanite ring is considered to be the best option for you. However, there are a few things to consider before settling on one. Keep reading and learn a few things worth considering before choosing the right item for your significant other. 

Check the Cut

If you need to become more familiar with moissanite products, remember that they are the newer form of gems. While they are called Moissanite, they lack a connection with the Nobel Prize-winning individual who invented them. Nevertheless, the jewels were named after him to honor him since he was the first to figure out the artificial items. Additionally, these rings resemble diamonds in various ways. However, they can be differentiated by a specific attribute. When it comes to the cut, it is not graded on a scale as it appears with other gemstones or diamonds. Instead, it is classified on the clarity scale.

Consider the Color

When it comes to Moissanite, products come in various colors. Besides, they are classified based on the brilliance of their colors. The brightest colors categorized in AAA or AA might be pricier than those in D OR E grade since they are composed of pure lesser impurities. However, note that their prices depend on the quality of the stone. When looking for a cheaper option at the right online store but still prefer flashy and vivid products, you may settle on a lower-quality diamond without imperfections but with a higher color rating.

Check the Setting Type

Remember that the most common Moissanite engagement rings settings are prong, bezel, and channel. Based on the type of setting, the band width can vary. For instance, if you want to come up with a prong setting, it would be better if the ring is wide enough to allow the prongs to spread outward beyond the edges of the stone. Since Moissanites are much tinier than diamonds, they might fit perfectly well in channel settings.

Consider the Size

When shopping for the best Moissanite products for your spouse, it is imperative to consider the size. It is helpful to measure the finger and come up with a perfect fit. When purchasing it for someone else, it helps to measure their finger before you make the purchase. Remember that Moissanite comes in various sizes. Therefore, you should be bold and ask the jeweler about this when shopping. It would be great to settle on something perfect for them!

Consider the Price

Another crucial thing worth considering when buying Moissanite engagement rings is the price of your preferred item. It helps to consider shopping within your budget. Don’t buy something too expensive or too cheap. But settle for an item of good quality at a fair cost. Not all expensive things are of the best quality; some prices are exaggerated. Also, cheap products tend to wear out quickly. There are many online shops where you can compare the prices of the Moissanite rings before placing an order. Find the right store that offers the best products at a reasonable cost.

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