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Please read this article to know more about Pet Simulator X 🎃 Event Wiki and related details.

Are you a gaming fan? Have you invested a lot of time in Roblox gaming? Do you know that there is a special event in Pet Simulator X where you can earn bonuses? If you wish to know more, read along with this article about the Pet Simulator X 🎃 Event Wiki.

The game called Pet Simulator X is one of the favorites in the Roblox platform, played mainly by players from the Philippines who have brought the game to new trends and amongst the gaming community.

What is the Pet Simulator X game?

The game called Pet Simulator X is a Roblox game. In this adventurous first-player game, the players have to collect and hatch various eggs while exploring the gaming world. Players can also buy the eggs with the help of game money, which is mostly gold or diamonds.

Pet Simulator X 🎃 Event Wiki – What to do in the game?

The Pet Simulator X, as the name suggests, is a game where the players need to explore the gaming world and collect gold and diamonds. The players have to store the gold and diamonds to get eggs to hatch. Each egg contains several pets, ranging from tiny kittens to horses and dogs to mighty dragons, unicorns, and other mythical creatures.

Since the game’s popularity has risen in the Philippines, the game has recently organized various special events and new worlds. One such is the Halloween event which was announced recently.

Pet Simulator X 🎃 Event Wiki – All details of the event:

The Pet Simulator X game has recently announced a new event for the occasion of Halloween. The players of the game can expect several new and enticing bonuses and benefits. The Halloween event started with the launching of the Halloween candy event in the game.

Roblox first announced the Halloween event on 23rd October 2021. The Halloween event also brought a new game coin in the form of a Halloween Candy, which will give the players unique benefits and usage in the game. So, the players can expect the following from the Pet Simulator X 🎃 Event Wiki during this ongoing event.

  • A new makeover to the map in the Halloween theme.
  • Cannon at the spawn of the players.
  • The Halloween event brought three new limited eggs to hatch.
  • The new Halloween eggs are supposed to contain thirteen new pets.
  • A new machine will soon come in the Halloween Realm, like an upgraded machine with a different color.
  • Lastly, a Halloween Chest where Players can grind the pets to get new candies to collect.


The new Pet Simulator X 🎃 Event Wiki game is a limited opportunity for the players to upgrade and get new and unique pets. The players also collect a new gaming coin in the form of a Halloween candy token. But, remember Not all Robux Generators are Safe!

You can learn more about the Halloween Event.  

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