Parents Dpisonline Com {July 2021} Get The Knowledge!

Parents Dpisonline Com {July 2021} Get The Knowledge! >> This article sheds light on the usage and reviews of an online parent portal for viewing children’s PEP results.

Do you want to access your ward’s PEP report online? Are you confused about how the online result portal in your country works? If yes, then we have written the perfect article to answer all your questions regarding the unique online parent portal called Parents Dpisonline Com.

If you are a parent of a primary-school-going kid in Jamaica or the United States, check out all the information about how you can access your child’s results online.

What is Parents DPIS online? 

DEAMS Performance Information System (DPIS) is an integrated school management system that brings together the teachers, parents, students, administration, and other essential staff members. 

This platform helps the teacher and administrative staffs keep track of all the students virtually and plan future needs accordingly. Moreover, it allows parents and students to access all the academic and non-academic performance data easily. 

Hence, Parents Dpisonline Com is being used nationally to help parents access their children’s results online instead of collecting them in schools amidst the pandemic.

How to access results on Parents DPIS online platform? 

  • Firstly, you have to log in on this platform using the unique credentials that have been provided to you by the school and issued by the ministry and follow further instructions given by the website.
  • Once you have logged in, you can change your account’s password to maintain confidentiality so that only you can access your account. 
  • After that, you can use the exact login details to view your child’s Primary Exit Profile results when uploaded on the platform. 

Reviews of  Parents Dpisonline Com:

The DPIS platform is one of the top-rated parent portal systems in predominantly Caribbean countries, with a worldwide traffic rank of 7,678,539 and 220 daily page views. It is a highly trustworthy platform that originated in the United States and is used nationally for multiple schools in Jamaica.

However, the system has encountered multiple problems such as crashing when there are many visitors, slow loading and hanging of the website, parents not being able to open or access the portal, etc. 

Nevertheless, this platform has helped thousands of parents get access to results quickly and easily.

Final thoughts:

Our final verdict is that Parents Dpisonline Com is a valuable platform for parents who want to access results electronically during the pandemic safely. The interface is easy to use, and the results can be viewed and printed quickly. You can visit here for details.

Parents can also solve their grievances by contacting the website’s customer support by clicking on the ‘Need help?’ icon. 

However, if you still face problems, there are multiple other options to access your results, or you can give the school your login details to print the report for you. 

Did you find this information about Parents Dpisonline Com beneficial? Please share your views about this article with us!

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