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Is Pancreatitis From Colonoscopy a common medical problem? Why is Travis Barker in the hospital? Read the below article and learn about the whole matter.

Do you want to get the recent updates about Travis Barker’s health condition? Today we have come up with the latest updates on Barker’s health condition as well as we’ll be going to dig out why he got admitted to the hospital recently.

Travis Barker, there is no need to give an introduction because he is a famous Blink-182 drummer. He has millions of followers and fans in the United States. Now let’s know if Barker has Pancreatitis From Colonoscopy and more updates on his health conditions.

Why does Travis Barker get admitted to the hospital?

According to the recent report, Barker was seen to be admitted to the hospital on 28th June 2022 (Tuesday). However, previously no statement or report was released to the public which could specify the reason behind his admission to the hospital. But now, an official report has been published stating that this famous singer has pancreatitis. Pancreatitis can be explained as someone having an inflamed pancreas. The condition has come up after the Colonoscopy test, which is very rare- according to a gastroenterologist.

Pancreatitis From Colonoscopy:

According to medical science, the pancreas is an important body part (gland) that is situated at the abdomen’s left-side, secreting digestive enzymes to break down the food’s large particles into small ones. Along with this, this gland also helps control body blood sugar. 

Now coming to the main topic, Barker’s health condition was revealed after doing the colonoscopy. Colposcopy is a test that needs to find out the patient’s colon cancer; however, in Barker’s case, the doctor found pancreatitis by performing the colonoscopy. 

In accordance with the gastroenterologist (New York), Dr. Eric Goldstein, this type of case (colonoscopy-induced pancreatitis) is very rare in general.

Pancreatitis From Colonoscopy– The major reason for Pancreatitis:

According to Goldstein, 80 percent of pancreatitis can occur due to alcohol abuse or gallstones. He also mentioned that some other reasons could also include an inflamed pancreas in the patient’s body, and those are- viruses, medication, and some medical procedures but not the colonoscopy. Thus, the case is considered one of the rarest medical cases where colonoscopy-induced pancreatitis has happened. Along with this, he continued his statement by saying that someone having pancreatitis is pretty common and similarly, someone having a colonoscopy isn’t also an odd thing. However, someone having Pancreatitis From Colonoscopy is pretty odd.

After the news came to the media that this famous singer and drummer got admitted to the hospital, his fans & followers from the entire nation showed their support and love for their favorite musician. Moreover, his fame isn’t limited to America, as millions of international fans like fans from Canada are tweeting and posting on other social media, which comprises prayers, love, and support.

The Bottomline:

Pancreatitis isn’t an alarming health issue if it is treated early. The fans around the globe are very worried about his condition and praying for Travis’ better health. But the Pancreatitis From Colonoscopy is quite a rare case as per the medical experts. Is this blog useful? Kindly comment on it in the review section.

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