OurHappy Reviews {Sep 2022} Know If It Is Legit Or Not?

The post gathers all the information about the products sold on the website and emphasizes OurHappy Reviews for the buyers.

Are you looking for products for your pets? Do you want to purchase things for your children? People in the United States are fond of pets and are looking for pet items. The store aims to provide all the innovative products that can bring happiness and joy to everyone’s lives. You will find various unique products of great value that are sold at a reasonable price at the store. We will provide you with all the characteristics of the online store and will highlight the OurHappy Reviews in this post.

Information of OurHappy

OurHappy is formed to sell the best products and with the best customer service so that the buyers can get interested in the items sold in the shop. The items sold on the website consist of an acupuncture pen, litter mat, pet hair remover, backpacks, baby bath cushion, aspirator and other things. The prices are affordable, and if interested, people can consider purchasing the products from the store.


  • Domain present- the shop is known to be founded on 28 October 2019.
  • URL-https://ourhappystore.com/
  • Social networking media – it isn’t easy to find any social links other than Facebook to answer Is OurHappy Legit.
  • Address original- address details are not provided, and only contact numbers are seen.
  • Payment option- the website has mentioned various payment methods such as PayPal visa MasterCard Maestro and credit cards.
  • Return services- the online store has kept its return policies within 30 days.
  • Refund services- refunds will be processed and credited within a certain amount of days.
  • Email address- customersupport@ourhappystore.com
  • Shipping and delivery service- the items are shaped and delivered within 5 to 10 days.

The superiority of the website

  • The online shop has items for adults, children, cats and dogs.
  • The prices are reasonable, and people can purchase them.

Drawbacks based on OurHappy Reviews

  • The website has received an average trust index, meaning it cannot be fully trusted.
  • The website has not provided the address details and the contact numbers, which we are not sure enough.
  • There is no reviews page mentioned on the store, and the details are somewhat misleading.

Is OurHappy store a reliable E-Commerce online store?

The store has all the products that can make our lives easier and tools to keep our pets and homes clean. The reliability of the website can only be commented on by looking at a few of the points mentioned below and also after giving importance to OurHappy Reviews for the items sold.

  • Domain age mentioned- the store was registered on 28/10/2019.
  • Trust value- we have found that the store has an average trust score of 60 %.
  • Alexa rank- 919008 is the Alexa ranking of the website.
  • Plagiarism present- it is difficult to find information about any misleading details
  • Address legitimacy-we cannot say anything about the legitimacy of the address as there is none present.
  • Social media network-we can see only Facebook accounts mentioned on the web page for the details, and the answer to Is OurHappy Legitcan be found there.
  • Owners details- as per the owner, we have no information to provide the buyers.
  • Unrealistic discounts- discounts are provided on all the products.
  • Reviews- no sections are mentioned regarding the buyers’ experience after purchasing the product.

Reviews by customers

The buyers and the viewers eagerly wait for the reviews of any website after its launch. Still, unfortunately, this particular store has not given any reviews, and the social network present does not mention the buyers’ experiences. People keep visiting this website for genuine reviews, and we are trying to extract all the information related to OurHappy Reviews so that the buyers can get some idea of whether to invest money on this website or choose authentic stores from where they can purchase products according to their needs.

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The article highlights all the critical areas and products sold on this website. The buyers must maintain caution before purchasing anything, as the website seems suspicious. Have you found any OurHappy ReviewsIf yes, let us know about the experience and comment below your views. Also, find the relevant details regarding How to Get a Refund on a Credit Card.

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